We want to make sure that fans from all over the world have a chance to talk to each other about Wang Kai, so we have provided a few different options. You can look at the list below and see which option works best for you!

WeChat Group Chat
You will need to download the WeChat app to join this group and then add WKI admin Eleanor as a contact (@eleanor_writes). She can then add you to the chat. As WeChat is a fairly international app and is used widely in China, this means you can chat with fans in China as well! Come join the fun!

Facebook Group
If you mainly use Facebook as your form of social media, and would like to chat with other fans about your love and admiration for Wang Kai, then the Facebook group is a great idea to join. You can join it here.

We have a whole page describing how to join this forum which you can check out here. You don’t need a DISQUS account to use this forum.

Fan Sites in Other Languages
There are also some other fan sites in languages other than English, so feel to take a look at those here. If you start any other fan sites in different languages, make sure to let us know so we can add them to this page as well!

Join one or all the forums and enjoy chatting with Wang Kai’s fans!

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