Wang Kai Weibo Post [20190104] Like A Flowing River Finale

After the finale of “Like a Flowing River” had aired, Wang Kai posted this heartfelt message on Weibo.

Wang Kai:

“Tonight was the “Like a Flowing River” finale, there are some words that I would like to share with everyone.

The drama “Like a Flowing River” began filming in the winter and ran through late summer/early autumn, and I feel as if I’ve accompanied Song Yunhui through half his life. From being an 18 year old college boy to becoming the technical backbone of the Jinzhou Factory, through playing this character, I’ve truly experienced Song Yunhui’s tenacity and stubbornness, and outside of the character, I deeply understand how he feels as a small, insignificant individual, endlessly struggling to achieve his dreams and aspirations during this chaotic period of reform and open policy.

Those who are of a similar age as me may feel a little bit of distance and strangeness when it comes to this time period full of change and opportunity. However, as an actor, I hope that I can use my performance to show and express that period of history–to let everyone experience the joys as well as sorrows, and to let everyone understand the greatness as well as insignificance within each small individual. Integrating into the story, expressing a character, understanding the frame of mind, emotions, and even the historical background the character is in and then presenting it to everyone through a performance, is the greatest glory of an actor.

With the finale of this drama, there are a lot of people both within and outside of the drama that I would like to thank. Song Yunhui was able to grow, step by step, no doubt because of the help given to him by those around him. His older sister, brother-in-law, Da Xun, his teacher, County Governor Xu… Everyone found the perfect way to assist and protect Song Yunhui in the moment that they were needed. In the course of filming, I also constantly benefitted from the help of Producer Hou, Director Kong, Director Huang, the scriptwriter, photography, lighting, and props teams. Everyone on the team is driven, dedicated, and strives for perfection. A team like this is one that you can truly put trust in.

The success of a character is never dependent on solely the actors themselves–their success is absolutely inseparable from the help of the professional team behind them. The road to life is long, and there are many horses who can travel the thousand mile journey. Yet often times, there are not many horse tamers like Bo Le* who can recognize these horses. To be honest, for receiving the chance to portray Song Yunhui, I must sincerely thank Daylight Entertainment, Producer Hou, Director Kong Sheng, and Director Huang Wei for their trust in me and recognition of my acting. I have encountered many things along the way, both good and bad, and because of their encouragement and assistance, I was able to better myself, step by step. I am so grateful for the opportunities they have provided me with, and they have become like family to me.

Song Yunhui will be saying farewell for the time being, and I will be entering a new team to film for the drama “Held In the Lonely Castle.” This time, I will meet you as the character Song Renzong, and have the opportunity to experience his life. The greatest joy in acting is the ability to portray different characters, their emotions, and follow them through their paths in life.

I am extremely grateful to the fans who have been following and supporting me, with you accompanying me, I have been more motivated to portray each character. I love sharing each and every different character with you, and hope that we can continue to accompany and trust each other through this journey.

Goodbye! Song Yunhui! Along this journey, I am thankful to have had you with me.”

*Note: The story of Bo Le comes from an ancient Chinese story and idiom. The name and idiom is used to refer to someone who can recognize special talent in people or offers opportunities for people to showcase their skills.

Actress Tong Yao, who portrays the character Song Yunping, Song Yunhui’s older sister, also commented on his post, saying:

“You are the best, your older sister is so proud of you [Thumbs Up][Heart]”

Since I’ve been following this drama since it first aired, I am so touched by both his words and his portrayal of Song Yunhui as well. Now I will have to wait for “Held in the Lonely Castle” to air to see more of Wang Kai’s acting πŸ™‚

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