KKW Style for Oral B Promotion Event [20170816]

Wang Kai is a brand ambassador for Oral B in China and attended a promotion and product launch yesterday.

Wang Kai Studio Official/Deshe uploaded these photos with Wang Kai looking particularly dashing in a Gucci men’s suit, with shoes from Suit Supply, and a brooch from Ciga Long Jewelry. Styled by 陆桂雨, hair and make-up by 東田造型奕行-郭继闯.

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  • automnetorte

    An ambassador for oral health but he’s keeping dem pearly whites on lockdown, LOL.

    Isn’t he a smoker IRL, though?

    • http://www.wangkaiinternational.com/ eleanor

      He is a smoker IRL but I’m not sure if he has tried quitting or not…

      We definitely need some more killer Kaikai smiles haha