Wang Kai Visits Ma Tianyu’s Film Set

Translated by: windios siesta; Edited by: Eleanor

Hi Wang Kai fans, windios siesta has kindly allowed us to repost her translation of Ma Tianyu’s Weibo post today. She translates info and news about Ma Tianyu for English speaking fans on this Facebook page which you can check out here.

Wang Kai and Ma Tianyu star together in A Better Tomorrow 4 and have become good friends. Wang Kai visited him on set where Ma Tianyu is currently filming and bought him coffee. This was his post today and also some of Wang Kai’s replies to him. Enjoy! [And we’ve added an update of Wang Dalu’s comment too]

“Thank brother Wang Kai for 160 cups of Starbucks coffee (he has money 😂), and also 20 puddings 🤗 P.S. Last time filming Three Kingdoms, Wang Dalu visited, this time you visit. Getting you two as brothers is really not a waste, you both are generous spenders 😂”

Comments under the post:

Tianyu: I will not visit you two at filming places, I’m stingy anyway 😂

Wang Kai: Who are you talking to here? If the two of us don’t reply to you, isn’t it too embarrassing for you? 😂

Tianyu: If you reply or not is not important, you just need to see my comment 😂

Wang Kai: If you visit or not is not important, we have no expectation anyway (bye bye icon)

[update] Wang Dalu just commented: I haven’t seen anything (hiding eyes icon)

[Wang Dalu is making a joke at Tianyu’s earlier comment: “you just need to see my comment”]

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