Fans Create Billboard Ads for Wang Kai in Times Square, Beijing & Wuhan

WKI team member, moonlil gave us the heads up about some industrious fans who created billboard ads for Wang Kai to be shown in various locations.

It was part of a series of fan votings and Wang Kai fans were able to get billboard spaces for New York’s Times Square, Beijing’s Sanlitun (a heavily frequented shopping area), and another one in Wuhan’s Optical Valley International Plaza as well.

You can view the billboard ad for Times Square below.

The billboards will be displayed from 28 July, 2017 to 2 August, 2017 (and until the 3rd at the Chinese locations). According to this cfensi post, “the New York locations are above the Europa Cafe on 7th and 43rd, and in front of the Reuters HQ on 43rd”. So if you’re in New York, be sure to go and check out the billboards.

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