Charity Fundraiser for Wang Kai’s Birthday!!!

In just a month’s time, Wang Kai will celebrate his birthday (18 August). As WKI admins, we discussed what we would like to do as representatives of Wang Kai’s international fans (that’s all of you too).

Many fans in China have raised money to build roads and libraries and have actively worked to do acts of charity in Wang Kai’s name. We would like to add to that legacy of fans who care and contribute in meaningful ways, which is why we would like to have a fundraiser for a charity and then donate that money as Wang Kai’s fans (of course we will also post on Weibo and let Wang Kai and his team and fans in China know as well). Between Wang Kai International’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, we have over 21,500 followers, so even if everyone donated just $1 (US) or a small amount, we could still raise a nice charity gift.

One charity we have in mind is, China Tomorrow Education Foundation, (CTEF) “a Seattle-based non-profit 501(c)(3) charity, operated primarily by non-paid volunteers in the US and China.” They work to improve education in rural China and to “prepare the children to become responsible global citizens by renovating schools, establishing libraries, supporting teachers, funding scholarships, and promoting public awareness of rural China education conditions.”

It’s a smaller charity, but one that works for a good cause. We do understand that some might not be comfortable donating to a smaller charity, so we have a small survey for you to fill out with a couple of questions if you have some other input. We also want to make sure there is interest in doing the fundraiser, so please, please, please answer the survey questions (there are only four questions). You can find that survey here. Please fill out the survey by 21 July, 2017 (the latest time zone possible) and then we can get started with the fundraiser. All responses on the survey are anonymous.

What we have planned to do, is open a GoFundMe account with the charity fundraiser name and then share that link with you all. And then right before Wang Kai’s birthday, we will donate the money to CTEF. The payment options for GoFundMe are using a bank debit or credit card. We can also set up a PayPal account, use YouCaring, or another reputable fundraising website (we have added these as options to choose from in the survey as well). YouCaring and PayPal also include WePay (not affiliated with WeChat), PayPal, and bank card payment options. Each of these options does allow people from different countries to donate, but there might be a currency conversion fee from your bank. Each of these options are also safe and WKI admins will be the only ones with access to transfer the money to the charity.

Please let us know in the comments below, on social media, or the survey if you are planning on taking part and have interest. We really would love to show international fan support with charity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Eleanor via email: or in the comments below or on social media as well.

P.S. We are definitely up for partnering up with other fan clubs too! Please let us know if you would like to make this a join fundraising!

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4 thoughts on “Charity Fundraiser for Wang Kai’s Birthday!!!

  • 2017-08-09 at 21:56

    Good evening, I just want to ask about the status of the charity for KaiKai’s birthday? Thanks!

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