Wang Kai Weibo Posts [20170704]

Translated by: Lily & moonlil; Edited by: Eleanor

Yesterday, Wang Kai posted twice to Weibo (though one post seems to have sort of disappeared…but can also still be accessed, which is why we’re still posting it). Users on Weibo are calling it a magic post because they’re also confused as to how it’s there and also not.

“I am very serious in telling you that I! Am! Not! A! Skilled! Imitation! Account!”

Translator’s note: He’s referring to the accounts that pretend they are accounts of famous people and post the same things and have really similar usernames

Deshe then commented: “Do you want to lose followers again?” and Wang Kai replied along the lines of: “You understood”

We’re not really sure what they’re all talking about but perhaps there have been some accounts impersonating Wang Kai or something and we know he likes to joke about that if he posts selfies, that he loses followers (because they’re not good enough or something).

Wang Kai then also posted an emoticon Weibo post.

I hope he had a good night’s rest. It’s really great to see Kaikai is good spirits and posting selfies again.

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5 thoughts on “Wang Kai Weibo Posts [20170704]

  • 2017-07-06 at 02:00

    I just found out from reading your interview that he is very expressive like an emoticon in real life. That stare is very serious and intense but not in a “dramatic” way as in one of his dramas. It doesn’t quite scare me, but it is very arresting.

    • 2017-07-07 at 11:25

      hehe my heart arrests at the sight of him ;P he really does have quite the gaze

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