A Quirky Weibo Post

Just the other day, Miss P, a friend and associate of Wang Kai’s, posted a funny conversation on Weibo (all in “code names”).

“A certain Wan [she’s doing it intentionally. “Wan” is a meatball, just a letter away from Wang, but is kinda cute]: My stomach doesn’t feel well recently, it’s hot and there’s too much fire*! Sigh… Can’t gulp anything down!

A certain baby [studio baby meant here]: Well that’s because you’re not eating frogs recently…

A certain Wan: I #%$#*!&#$@…

How to bring a conversation to an end”

Translator’s note: *Fire in your body is a term used in Chinese medicine. Usually  the symptoms are dry mouth, thirst that is hard to put down, short-temper, stressed, sometimes blisters on your mouth. Tends to happen when you eat too much hot/spicy stuff, are under a lot of stress or eat the wrong stuff especially in hot weather.

The interactions between Kaikai and his team are quite hilarious sometimes.

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