A Follow-Up To Kaikai’s Recent Weibo Post

Translated by: moonlil; Edited by: Eleanor

Wang Kai posted a funny and cute Weibo post yesterday and Wang Kai Studio Official/Deshe reposted it with a funny caption promising some potential surprises.

“To my boss on the right, whatever happened to staying handsome for a few seconds longer? PS: Studio baby* has an alternate name: Don’t pressure me! —- There might be a surprise tonight! Wait for me!”

*Studio baby is Wang Kai Studio Official’s/Deshe’s nickname

Miss P (an associate and friend of Wang Kai’s, who does lots of drama promoting etc) reposted the post as well.

Miss P: “I give up [keeping reins on them]”

And the Kaikai replied to Deshe’s post.

Translator’s note: Wang Kai commented on their post as well making a pun on the word surprise. In Chinese, “surprise” consists of two characters for “shock” and “joy/pleasure”.

“Hopefully there’s joy and no shock. Don’t you pressure me either, when go crazy, I don’t stop to beat up myself. [The last phrase is a popular expression online].

To which Deshe replied: “Go for it! I’ll try not to hold you back”

Wang Kai Studio Official/Deshe then posted this post a little later.

Deshe: “Today’s portion of my fake boss. Get some rest soon, good night”

Translator’s note: The tags say something along the lines of accompany Wang Kai with long-lasting laughter in the flow of time. It’s a pun again. Time is always likened to water/river and the expression often used is 岁月长河. Kaikai’s laughter is known to be special, the characters used are not the normal 哈 or 呵, but 盒, which is read exactly the same way as 河 river. So instead of accompanying Wang Kai through the river of time, it becomes something like accompanying him through time with long laughs. In the PS, the tag “Wang Kai makes me become a better me” is right, below and then Deshe wrote “Late night snack makes me become a fatter me” also a pun. 棒 (bang) means awesome, sounds a bit like 胖 (pang) “fat”.

The sign says: “I know that you all love me. But please don’t disturb my sweet dreams. Please don’t take pictures. Please don’t ask for a picture together.”

While the Deshe post is lighthearted just keep in mind that Wang Kai really does value his privacy and doesn’t like fans stalking and taking photos of him (and also a reminder that he doesn’t like fans gathering at airports to see him). In public events etc. he happily takes photos etc. but when he’s out and about, he really prefers not to be bothered.

Wang Kai also then responded with this comment underneath the Deshe post.

Wang Kai: “Just because we know each other well, doesn’t mean you can just forget how to write the correct characters. I need to reconsider your bonus this month”

Deshe: “Don’t forget to give last month’s bonus first”

P.S. The hashtag being used with Wang Kai posts on Weibo lately is 王凯让我成为更好的人 which translates as, Wang Kai makes me become a better me, which is a great idea for everyone in the world to try and be a better person.

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4 thoughts on “A Follow-Up To Kaikai’s Recent Weibo Post

  • 2017-07-04 at 11:03

    I do love the “Don’t forget to give last month’s bonus first” comment, lol

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