Ode to Joy 2 Reaches 10 Billion Views

It seems like every day Ode to Joy 2 gains another billion views! Congratulations!

This makes me so excited for the cast and crew that the drama is doing well.

Here is the ratings chart from Baidu [with the column translation above].

WKI admin moonlil helped explain a little how ratings systems work in China. Here’s what she said to me.

“There are two mainstream methods developed by CCTV, which is the “country web” 全国网 and csm city CSM城 [CSM’s full title: CVSC-SOFRES MEDIA a joint venture with TNS]. The city one usually comes with a number in between. The country web takes samples form 6,000 households, representing the 1.3 billion ppl in China and representative of the population’s composition. The rural population is weighted by 70%. The city stats has a base of 40,000 households. 70 big and midsized cities announced by the China Statistics Department are included in it plus Lhasa, representing approximately 185 million urban population. 46 cities use electronic devices that document the data on a daily basis, 25 cities rely on manual documentation. The source that I found this info on, says that most channels use data from the 46 cities. A lot of provincial TV channels also use 32 city stats which includes 25 provincial capitals, 4 municipalities and 3 other cities (Dalian, Qingdao, Shenzhen), meaning first tier and second tier cities are covered. Different TV channels employ different indices. It is said that the 32 cities have more commercial value as they are more representative of (developed) cities: Most of their samples are from Beijing, Chongqing, Tianjin, Shanghai.

The amazing thing about OTJ 2 is that despite being aired on two channels at the same time, which could lead to a dispersion of ratings, it still placed in the top 2 with high market shares & ratings.” 

The statistics used in the table above use a 52 city basis. Thank you moonlil for the explanation!

Chrison克里森 shared these images from the drama on Weibo as well. Enjoy!

Let us know what your favourite part so far in Ode to Joy 2 is in the comments section below.

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