Wang Kai Weibo Post [20170401]

Translated by: moonlil; Edited by: Eleanor

It looks like Wang Kai and his fellow cast members, and the director, Ding Sheng, from A Better Tomorrow 4 are still having a lot of teasing Director Su.

Wang Kai: “#The Devotion of Suspect X Movie# @su youpeng [Alec Su] Director, the professor’s in danger, hurry and save me!”

Ding Sheng: “Suspect is here with A Better Tomorrow. To pay the ransom, give me 10 billion today! @Wang Kai @Wang Talu [Darren Yang] @Wu Yue”

Director Alec Su then responded: “I’m gathering money, still need 10 million, endure a little longer.”

It looks like all the actors and directors have a great rapport and are having a lot of fun.

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