Wang Kai Weibo Post [20170326] Suspect vs. Hero: Battle for the Lead

Have you missed our Kaikai these last few days? As you all know, the international release of Kaikai’s new movie The Devotion of Suspect X, directed by Alec Su, originally written by Keigo Higashino is coming up on March 31.

Kaikai has also been filming in Qingdao for a remake/continuation of the movie series A Better Tomorrow, and has “disappeared” from sight since then. Even in recent promotional events for Suspect X, he has not shown up except for the initial press conference because of the filming, so the Suspect X team used his 2D-version double to replace his presence, which earned a light teasing from Kaikai’s agency Deshe, about how their poor boss has “thinned” since the last press conference.

Only this week, Kaikai has “surfaced” again for the press conference of his new movie A Better Tomorrow 4, directed by Ding Sheng, the same director as Railroad Tigers, which he filmed with Jackie Chan. But as the leading actor in Suspect X, which was to be released in less than a week at the time of these Weibo posts, would he stay absent for its promotion until then? Just as people wondered about that question, Director Su went on the offensive.

On the evening of the 25th of March, Bejing time, Director Su posted below Director Ding Sheng’s Weibo the following pic:

Alec Su: “Like” me so that he sees me! Pic: Shengsheng, are you done filming?

Official weibo of movie The Devotion of Suspect X: Director, I’m coming! Sending you up! [Weibo comments are shown up ranked by their likes by default, with the most popular ones the furthest up]

Some of the earliest lurkers at our webpage know, Wang Kai’s fans tend to take things the most unexpected but often hilarious directions once cued, and yes, it happened again. Almost as soon as Director Su “charged”, the fans replied for Director Ding: 

Director Ding: Youpeng [Alec Su’s Chinese name is Su Youpeng], give me just another minute.

This interaction reminded some people of what Director Su revealed in the press conference for Suspect X: Alec Su recounted how he wanted to invite Kaikai to take on the Professor’s role in his movie, but Kaikai whose schedule was overflowing with projects and filming for Snail, declined the offer first, so the director flew to Yunnan to convince Kaikai to take on the role, and waited for him to finish his filming for Snail. This led to the following fan meme: 

Alec Su: Zhouzhou, are you done with filming yet?

Zhang Kaizhou: Youpeng, one more minute!

Alec Su: Shengsheng, are you done filming yet?

Ding Sheng: Youpeng, give me another minute!

While people were taking their laugh at the interchange, i.e. Miss P, a staff member of Kaikai’s team (see picture below, “My laughing cue is placed way too low, been laughing all of last night that I lack oxygen now. Don’t mind me”)

Director Ding Sheng finally replied, with a meme of his own:

Ding Sheng: No rush, I’m sending the heroes to the surface* this minute! Pic: On it! Sending them over now! [The Chinese name of A Better Tomorrow literally means “True Colors of Heroes”, while Suspect X in Chinese is “The Sacrifice of Suspect X” which at the same time sounds similar like “The Surfacing of Suspect X”, which is the pun/promotion Director Ding Sheng is making here]

Now the much anticipated main character of this little side story finally appeared today: 

Wang Kai: [tagging Alec Su] Director!!!

P1: What? Director Su is mad at me?

P2: Let me think how to calm him.

P3: – Pondering on it this long, is it that hard? [Cue movie line] – It’s hard, very hard.

P4: I have an idea, Director Su, let me show you a magic trick.  

P5: Transform!

P6: OK I tried my best.

(Deshe in its usual manner could not let go of the opportunity to tease it’s boss:

Ahm… Are you sure the transformation shouldn’t look like this?

Score for Director Su! So what are his thoughts on that?

Alec Su: The Professor was selected by me, no matter what, I have to spoil him to the end, even if I need to do it kneeling down. [“To have to do something because you chose it, even if you have to do it kneeling down” is a popular netizen line] If you agree, please press the upper right corner [“like” button] [doge]

Official Weibo of the movie The Devotion of Suspect X: As my director, I have to come press a “like”. [doge]

Leaving the crowd watching this little “online comedy drama” behind, it is said that Wang Kai will join Suspect X for the film’s promotion. (And he did end up attending the premiere in Beijing).

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7 thoughts on “Wang Kai Weibo Post [20170326] Suspect vs. Hero: Battle for the Lead

  • 2017-03-31 at 00:50

    Thank you @moonlil:disqus for working so hard to translate this and write up all the funny and cute interactions *hugs*

    • 2017-03-31 at 01:06

      You’re welcome! Thank you for adding all the screenshots, formatting, correcting etc. I hope this one lifts your spirits a bit 🙂 Sending another dorky Kaikai your way! xD

      • 2017-03-31 at 01:14

        No problem. Sorry it took me so long to get to it ^^ It did lift my spirits. I do love all these people and especially our dorky Kaikai so much. They all seem to have such great camaraderie.

  • 2017-03-31 at 01:00

    These are too precious! Thanks too Alec, Ding Sheng, the agency, netizens and finally KaiKai for playing along. 🙂

    • 2017-03-31 at 15:26

      Hi Tia, quick question. There was a weird issue that showed that you had commented using WP comments but we have Disqus installed. Would you mind sharing how you managed to use WP commenting?

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