Behind the Scenes for the Most Beautiful Performance Filming


Have you seen Wang Kai’s Most Beautiful Performance short film? If not, check it out here. We also wanted to share some of the behind the scenes photos, filming, a short highlight reel interview, and some cute fan art, and of course some awesome gifs.

First up is a highlight interview from the photoshoot and filming. We will update as soon as subtitles are available.

蹲在坑底发呆的夜猫子 also released a BTS video of the photoshoot and the Performance Event Weibo account released photos and gifs as well.


王凯全国后援会 and 梵天成天翔独眼竜 uploaded these great gifs from behind the scenes and from the production.


The 永州消防 (Yongzhou) fire department also uploaded this gif set with a larger photo of fireman Wang Kai, and then each tile as another photo.


_star热爱生活呀巴扎嘿 uploaded this super cute fan art too. And we also have some gorgeous eye drawings from 秀爷未夭 from various Wang Kai roles.


I hope you enjoyed this post with all the goodies from Weibo!
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