A Stay With Me Gifapalooza


With Stay With Me starting to air this week, it was obvious that Weibo would explode with goodies. Here are just a few treats from the show so far.

Have you started watching yet? If you can’t wait for the subbed episodes, you can watch the episodes raw on the official Mango TV YouTube channel. The first several episodes are already available.

Also, just a reminder. Please do not harass the subbers on DramaFever and Viki for getting subtitles out quicker. Please remember that they are human and can only sub so fast. And especially for Viki subbers who are volunteers and are not paid to subtitle videos for all of us. Encouraging words and thank you are much more helpful to subbers than frequent requests for subtitles to be finished.


The drama is doing really well with its ratings and viewers are enjoying it so far. From some scenes and clips I saw, it looks like there are some really cute scenes. Please enjoy these gifs and stills from Weibo. The gifs are from iQiyi TVHunan TV, TotoYogurt, Sina TV, and 十三點半的kings.


[add more gifs once upgraded] gifs 1-37

I hope you enjoyed the gifapalooza! Tune in to Viki and DramaFever for subbed episodes and be prepared to be swept away by Chen Yidu!

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