The Global Times Interview Well Received Among Chinese Fans

Recently some When a Snail Falls in Love fans were interviewed by The Global Times. If you haven’t had a chance to read the Global Times interview, you can catch it here. They also translated the interview into Chinese and posted it on Weibo for everyone to read.

Within a very short period of time, it had already reached several hundred thousand views and at the time of writing, over 2 million people have viewed the Chinese version. The post has received thousands of likes and comments and the official When a Snail Falls in Love Weibo account also reposted it.

Fans have been happy and pleased to see that the drama is so well received by foreign fans and that so many love Wang Kai. Some fans even went to Twitter and Viki and took screenshots of your tweets and comments and translated them into Chinese for fans on Weibo to read. They are excited to see When a Snail Falls in Love and Kaikai receive so much positive attention. One of my favourite comments made on the Wang Kai International Weibo repost was this. Love for Kaikai bringing the world together 💕

Once the drama has finished airing, we have an awesome post planned to share on Weibo, so stay tuned so you can add your comments to share as well!.

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