Wang Kai Films as a Fireman for Most Beautiful Performance Event

I was so excited to hear that Wang Kai was selected to film for this year’s Most Beautiful Performance Weibo Event, and now I’m even more excited that he is going to be a fireman! His short film will be released on 13 December and from the photographs so far, he looks amazing.

Wang Kai has often donned a police uniform in many of his dramas, so it’s fitting that he also do something as a policeman. Added to that, as the recently nominated official Beijing traffic safety ambassador, it seems like Kaikai is collecting uniforms. And boy does he look good.

The wonderful thing about Wang Kai is that he isn’t just a handsome face. Wang Kai recently filmed the short film and it was supposed to be followed by a photoshoot to promote it as well. However, Wang Kai made sure the photoshoot happened first because the photo crew was already waiting and the room had bad air circulation and was really dusty. So he wanted to makes sure they didn’t have to stick around waiting and could leave once the photoshoot was done. What a gentleman! (Thank you moonlil for the information)

So enjoy the gifs from 禾一影像工作室’s video studio. The 四川巴中消防 (Sichuan fire department) also posted these gifs. Also, the Wuhan fire department reposted the promotional photo of Kaikai as a fireman. They are happy and excited that Wang Kai will be playing a fireman. Actually several fire departments reposted the poster and are excited to see Kaikai’s short film as well.

Some fans have also put together some great picture and gif compilations of situations where Wang Kai’s characters have dealt with fire and explosions. The photo compilation comes from kkw_吾爱这人 and the gifs from 私炮坊隔壁的面粉厂. Have you seen Wang Kai in all of these roles before? (There might be some When a Snail Falls in Love spoilers in a couple of them)

Aren’t those awesome?!

For a full resolution poster of Wang Kai as a fireman, click here. I really can’t wait to see his short film! Can you?

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