When a Snail Falls in Love Reaches Over a Billion Online Views

The When a Snail Falls in Love Weibo account released the announcement today that the show has reached over a billion online views! That’s amazing! Of course we’re not surprised because the show is excellent and so many of us are enjoying it. The show also remains in the top spot for its viewing time on television.

On the first day of the show airing, it was already at the top spot and within the first 40 hours of its airing, online views had already reached 200 million views, and by the end of the week 400 million views. And that was just the first week!

They also uploaded a bonus video for reaching 1 billion views which you can try watch here on Tencent (but the link might not work), so we’ve embedded the bilibili upload below.

kkw_siebzehn also posted these super awesome gifs on Weibo! Enjoy!

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