Kaikai and Some Kittens!!!

Translated by: Lily
Edited by: Eleanor

Wang Kai Studio Official (得舍王凯工作室) posted these lovely photos of Kaikai and some kittens. Wang Kai’s followers on Weibo recently reached over 11 million followers! Congratulations Kaikai! There are several photos where Kaikai interacts with animals and his fans get jealous and this is the latest in that series. If you missed this funny cartoon that joked about it, you can read that here.

The long awaited prize for reaching 11 million fans, the people are not as good as animals series continues with a new update. A big cat and little kittens stare affectionately at one another, hopefully everyone can become so gentle over the years.

There is also some super cute fan art related to the kitten post from RR0626 and 李熏鹅. So adorable!!! Hopefully Kaikai and these kittens cheered up your day!

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