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China Lion films is one of the largest films that releases Chinese films in North America. They are currently holding a poll on Weibo for fans to vote which films they wish to see released on the big screen in North America. Both of Wang Kai’s upcoming films, Railroad Tigers and Suspect X, are on the list.

To participate in this poll you will need to have a Weibo account (which I know can be tricky or impossible to try and get when you don’t live in China) but for those of you who can, please participate in this poll to help promote Wang Kai’s films abroad. (I’m sorry for all the fans – including myself – who don’t live in North America because we won’t get to see them, but we can still help vote!)

Here is the link to the poll on Weibo. You will see a list of films with actors and directors. They didn’t have space to list all the actors, so you can only see Wang Kai’s name next to Suspect X. The list should look something like this. The orange highlight films are Railroad Tigers and Suspect X, the eighth and twelfth options. Once you select the films, and vote, they will turn orange and show you how many votes they have already.

Railroad Tigers is currently in second place, so there is definitely a good chance for China Lion to pay attention to the fans’ wishes. Suspect X is in third place. So if you are able, please send in your votes! You can vote only once, but you can select up to five movies with that one vote. Voting ends on the 16th of November. Happy voting!

p.s. We haven’t posted anything about Suspect X before this because there has been almost nothing officially released other than that Wang Kai is starring in it, and even that has been smoke and mirrors. We will post as soon as there is more official information.

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