Where to Watch When a Snail Falls in Love

[UPDATED WITH NEW LINKS] Great news everyone! Viki has just obtained the license to sub When a Snail Falls in Love! Here is the link to the official channel. Even if you can’t sub, we would encourage you to help segment etc. There’s a lot to do to help subbing go faster.

For those of you who want to watch it live, it is airing on Dragon TV at 22:00 Beijing time and then releasing online on Tencent at 24:00 Beijing time. VIP Tencent members also have access to episodes a week early (but those new ones won’t be subbed).

Another option to watch online is YoYo Television’s YouTube channel. 优优独播剧场——YoYo Television Series Exclusive initially obtained the international license and they are subbing it in English. Their channel can get a little confusing as they upload episodes multiple times, and they have several versions floating around. Here are some of their playlists and hopefully that will help a little. They generally upload a TV version and then the director’s cut version. The first week the drama aired, the episodes had English subs, but this week they have disappeared it seems, though some seem to have Korean subtitles. You can check out the director’s cut version (which is what Viki seems to using) or the TV cut version. We will update you once we hear back about what happened to the English subtitles.

DramaFever also just acquired the license to show When a Snail Falls in Love, so you can head on over there to watch as well.

Hopefully at least one of these options works for you! Let us know if they don’t and we will see what other legal options we can help you find.

Aren’t you just so excited to watch this drama?!!!

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