Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160806]

Translated by: moonlil
Edited by: Eleanor

On tonight’s episode of The King/Queen of Crossover Singers, Wang Kai gave another really lovely and moving performance of 一次就好 (Just Once is Enough) by 楊宗緯 (Aska Yang).

He also performed a lovely duet with Liu Tao which we have a clip of here. Unfortunately, he lost the round against Liu Tao (though it was bittersweet because you could see neither wanted to beat the other friend) and as he left the stage, he sang 陳奕迅’s (Eason Chan) 好久不見 (Long Time No See). So much lovely singing tonight! His performances moved me to tears, that’s for sure.

He posted the following on Weibo after tonight’s episode.

“Thank you to all the staff working on and behind stage since the beginning of the recording for all your silent contribution*. It is your hard work which allowed us to complete each of our performances perfectly. Also, thank you to my “singer friends” [in analogy to “film friends”] for your support. Although my heart is unwilling to let go**, our dreams still linger on. #King/Queen of Crossover Singers#”

Translator’s notes: 
*silent contribution was to say that a lot of their work goes unnoticed, or at least it’s not being announced to all, people might overlook them

**不舍 is what he used originally, which is a mixed feeling of loss and maybe a tinge of disappointment, a feeling of not wanting to let go of something. Even though he knows he has to leave the show, his friends on the show, the crew, the stage etc. his dream of singing still lingers. 

You can get the highest resolution copies of the photos here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. We will post more photos and links to the performances soon.

Wang Kai, no matter where your journey takes you, we will accompany you faithfully! Thank you for sharing your beautiful light and talents with us.

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