Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160804]

Translated by: Zihan & Breeze
Edited by: Eleanor

Last night Wang Kai attended the Estée Lauder launch of a new product in Beijing. Today he reposted their post about the event. He really is the perfect person to be a brand ambassador!

“Time will eventually make us become better selves/people #fight for youth#, fight for ourselves @Estee Lauder”

“@Estee Lauder: He, is a skillful, competent actor; he, is a optimistic, high quality idol who passes on positive power; he, is a warm godlike man with a young attitude forever. He, is @Wang Kai. As the brand @Estee Lauder ambassador of China, he will be with us accepting the challenge of time and becoming better selves, #fight for youth#!”

Stay tuned for more photos from the event and the interview he also gave!

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