King of Children, Wang Kai

In an interview with Entertainment Daily Broadcast, (which you can watch subbed here), Wang Kai mentioned he has had the chance to work with children in almost every, if not all of his dramas. With his easy going and kind attitude, the children often warm to him, and also tease him as well. The following might make your heart melt, so proceed with caution.

Eleanor: Recently on Weibo, several people have been sharing photos of cute interactions with Wang Kai and the child actors he’s worked with on set. We also know that he really loves babies and has a young nephew as well whom he adores (he has posted on Weibo before, when his nephew was born and later on when he was a little older. You can read those Weibo translations here). 

A fan also posted about how he kindly wrote a note for her infant son whose generation name was also Jing (this was after the airing of Nirvana in Fire). 

moonlil: These are pictures recently posted by 两个K一个W from the filming for Stay With Me. There original post seemed to have stumbled upon those pictures when sorting through her phone. Though we weren’t told about the specifics, just their smiles makes all words void in comparison.
Kaikai, hurry up and get married and have cute babies of your own please! I mean, um, Kaikai is going to make such an awesome dad! He just makes my heart melt. There is nothing more attractive and sexy than a man being kind and gentle to children. 

Have you ever wondered, what it is like when Wang Kai gets teased by children? When filming The Disguiser, Wang Kai often went to tease Director Liang’s son Miaomiao. Miaomiao calls Wang Kai “Wang-baibai”. Since “baibai” usually means an “uncle” who is older than one’s own father, Wang Kai being the dork with the mental age of a 3-year-old, wasn’t too fond of this address of course, and tried to make the little boy call him “gege” (meaning “big brother”). So, being a good boy, Miaomiao answered “Ok, Wang-baibai!” LOL
Haha. That’s so funny and cute! Don’t worry Kaikai, we know you aren’t old. LOL
Throwing Miaomiao up in the air
This picture is in a way a proof to how well Wang Kai can work with children. In one of the scenes of Stay With Me, the little child actress in the picture was required to cry. As with many child actors/actresses who cannot cry on cue like adult actors/actresses do, this little girl in the picture also faced some difficulties for this scene. Wang Kai who was in the same scene with her, approached her and quietly whispered something in her ear, and the next second, the little girl was crying. The shot went perfect. As soon as they finished this scene, Wang Kai ran off to buy her candies to make his little co-star brighten up again. It worked. 😉 To this day, no one knows what he said to her to make her cry, and it remained a little secret between the two of them.
Aw! Kaikai, hopefully it wasn’t something so horrible that she hated him after that. 
She accepted the candy alright, so I’m guessing it wasn’t anything a piece of candy cannot make up for. If so, then just get another candy. 😉 lol

This was also from when Wang Kai was filming Stay With Me with the same actress but an earlier scene (we posted about it here). Wang Kai sweetly made sure to keep his little co-star’s hands warm while filming in the cold weather.

Wang Kai has been doing some filming in Myanmar for When a Snail Falls in Love, and the following photos and video anecdotes are from that filming session.

A few days ago, Lemon简-307 released a very short video (embedded below) of Wang Kai talking to those two children. Judging from Wang Kai’s answer, we can assume, that the children might have asked him about whether there were sugar canes too where he came from.
Lemon简-307- About sugar canes, the big lion (Wang Kai) answered as such:” We do have them, but they’re not as delicious as the ones here.” #When a Snail falls in Love# #Wang Kai kkw# PS: This is a short video that a friend sent me, I don’t know where the original source is, if this post violates any rights or is inappropriate in any way, please pm me to delete it.
Aw! That’s so cute! It also brings back some happy childhood memories of mine when my family and I were on vacation in Kwazulu-Natal (it’s a province in South Africa where I’m from). We were on a sugarcane farm (the region farms a lot of sugar cane) and the person leading us around chopped off some sugar cane right from the field and we ate it! It was a super fun experience. Those were the days. 
2333 The video’s solution was awful, maybe my fangirl filter was too strong, but his smile looked so warm. ❤️❤️❤️
Nah, his smile is warm. It’s like sunshine. I swear he could light up a pitch black room. Something I’ve also noticed about Wang Kai is that he often makes it a point to be eye-level with the children he’s talking to and he really seems to listen to them. 


These are the children Wang Kai was talking to in the video above. See his Weibo post about it here.

It also seems that all children’s feelings are sensitive, and know immediately who’ll treat them kindly… Either that, or the news of a film crew, and especially a da gege who buys them popsicles has already spread like wild fire. lol See that row of little heads at the wall? XD And our beloved Wang Kai sits obliviously at a little shop, observing a little snail crawling on his hand. Hey snail, although this drama’s called When a Snail Falls in Love, and it’s understandable for anyone to fall for him, get into line! There are 9 mio. people in front of you! lol #NotBeingEnviousOfASnailCrawlingOnWK’sBeautifulHand
Hahahahaha, we might have a problem if we’re getting jealous of snails ;P LOL One of my favourite things about Wang Kai is that no matter how serious he is, or even if he has serious thoughts and opinions about things, he still has moments of childlike naïveté or wonder about the world. I like that balance. I think that sometimes we need to look at the world in a joyful and childlike way because there is so much that is depressing out there. We need hope and happiness and light! And don’t worry, I’m also a little jealous of that snail…

In another Weibo post today, there was some information about a dinner/lunch gathering these past few days, in which the original poster met Kaikai in person. Kaikai’s known to not accept fans’ gifts (bought ones), but there was a little child there who brought snacks and gave them to him as a gift. To not disappoint the kiddo he accepted them of course XD 

Cute! I’m sure Kaikai would definitely not want to break the poor child’s heart. 

There was also a young girl who told him that she wants to become a great actor (actress) like him in the future. He not only encouraged her, but also told her to work hard at school, grow taller and to improve herself. 
And she was also lucky enough to get an autograph too! Lucky! 
And just to finish us off with cuteness, here are some photos. We apologise for any heart melting due to this post. Wang Kai is going to make a wonderful dad.
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