Fan Art Friday [20160317]

I think that the amount of new fan art each week is increasing exponentially! There is so much creativity and love among Wang Kai’s fans! Wow! I’m always so impressed. This week we might also die from all the cute. These posts from -RR0626 are so adorable! Also a big shout out to moonlil who helped find so many of these awesome ones this week!

In the killing us with cute department, we also have this one from 萌萌哒爬墙用小号. Oh this little flying Kaikai tiger!

And these from 怀念吹过的枫有起床气 also with the Railroad Tigers flying tiger ^^

Dying of cute!!!! This one from 宝i一 is so cute!!!

I also really love this cute one from Clear_罐装雪碧.

I really think I might die of cuteness one day from all these cute cartoon pieces. This one from 是光一家的土匀啊 is about Wang Kai’s Weibo post earlier this week where he got hurt from wirework for When A Snail Falls in Love.

These cartoon versions of Wang Kai’s drama characters from 千与千寻de神隐kkw are great!

This cartoon from 王凱kkw台灣PTT後援會 with Wang Kai’s characters, Prince Jing from Nirvana in Fire and Shi Taipu from Green Hill Fox Legend is super cute and funny!

And of course we need some cute comparisons as well! These tiger ones from 王道直行 are super adorable. (We’ve posted the second one before). I sometimes wonder just how many of these Kaikai has seen and what he thinks of them. LOL

This Doraemon from 靖王府参将列战英 is also super funny and cute.

I also made my own little comparison haha. I see no difference 😉

Are you dead from all the cute yet?

This is another awesome comparison from 시재 @sizue07!

Speaking of Ah Cheng…This drawing of cartoon Ah Cheng from 쎵쎵쌰쌰쟌 @SJPVer2_5d is so awesome!

Earlier this week, the official Stay With Me Weibo posted these great gifs of the photoshoot for the drama poster. 王凯-牵宝宝的手 then posted this awesome related fan art! Wow!

王凯-牵宝宝的手 also did this piece. So cool!

I’m always impressed with all the great giffing on Weibo. There are some really great ones (especially ones that have Wang Kai characters from different dramas acting out their own drama with each other). This edit of Wang Kai selfies from 王道直行 is super awesome!

This edit from 阿拉丁-礻申火丁 is also super awesome! It’s like a cool movie poster made up of composite scenes from several of Wang Kai’s dramas.

Last week I posted this sketch from 쨥 @langya_mozzi, and now it’s all finished! So cute!

This piece fro yusakk is so great!

This watercolour piece from negai is amazing!

And I am always impressed and amazed by fungiiii’s watercolours! Wow!

For more detail, click here

Well that wraps up this week’s Fan Art Friday. Which ones were your favourites? Please let me know in the comments below and have a lovely weekend!

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