Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160609]

Translated by: Tiffany
Edited by: Eleanor

Wang Kai was recently on the variety show Cannot Stop Jogging Together, which is a new TV show that features celebrities chatting while jogging.

“[Running emojis]
@Cannot Stop Jogging Together #Cannot Stop Jogging Together# shared an upright and honest boy @王凯kkw [Wang Kai] with you. Handsome face, beautiful hands and subwoofer-like voice; able to sing, good at talking and offering chicken soup for your soul; a humorous, honest and warm boy; Prince–Ah Cheng–Jing–Kaikai Wang. [shy smile emoticon] ‘It is honesty that can make me carry on with a further journey.’* So, more honesty, less tricks, do you get that, Wang Fei?” 201…”

*Translation notes: The sentence in quotes regarding honesty is quoted by Wang Kai in the show. 

Cheng in the name of Ah Cheng means “honesty” in Chinese.

The host asked Kaikai who he likes more, Prince Jing or Ah Cheng. Then he combined the two and answered: “Prince-Ah Cheng-Jing”

[an interjection in Chinese signifying not being satisfied/being a bit annoyed]
Luckily I’m handsome [it’s not the original word, but the lip movements are similar]
I got it
If you want to watch the episode, the link is in the translation above, or you can click here as well. 
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