Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160607] + Railroad Tigers Teaser

Translated by: Joyce & Breeze
Edited by: Eleanor

The day before yesterday, Jackie Chan released a “Wanted Poster” for the cast for Railroad Tigers, the Ding Sheng film starring Jackie Chan, Wang Kai, Huang Zitao, Wang Talu, and others. The following day, Kaikai reposted this Weibo with the cast reveal and first teaser trailer.

“My bullet flies true, go directly for the big one #Railroad Tigers go for the big one on 12/16 [16th December]#”
“@Movie Railroad Tigers #Railroad Tigers go for the big one on 12/16# The train whistled and is coming, the curtain is raised! Railroad tigers get together for the first time, go for a big one! (Video: Railroad Tigers all together, united! Railroad Tigers by Jackie Chan has released the first trailer) On Dec 16th during the New Year celebration time, go for it! Will you go for it, or not? @Jackie Chan @Ding Sheng @SwaggyT-ao @Wang Kai @TaluWang @sangping @Alang]”

And is it just me, or does Jackie Chan get younger every year?

Along with the photos, they also released a teaser trailer which you can watch below. (It is unsubbed for now) If the video doesn’t work for you (you might have to click on it before it will load), we do have some gifs. We hope it will be uploaded to YouTube soon as well.

And well, Kaikai fans being as awesome as they are, another angry bird and Wang Kai comparison has already cropped up. His eyebrows are looking fantastic in that photo!

And then we have this super awesome flying tiger Kaikai fan art from _star热爱生活呀巴扎嘿.

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