Stills from Stay With Me

The Stay With Me official Weibo released this still today of the cast. The drama is set to release this summer on Hunan TV. It stars Wang Kai as Chen Yidu, a seemingly cold-hearted CEO of a fashion design house and his rival, Li Weiwei, played by Chen Qiao En.

For more information about the drama (it involves a near-drowning, memory loss, Chen Yidu as Li Weiwei’s childhood love, a love triangle with a current fiancé, and much more), check out this post with more information.

卡coffee then also edited out everyone else in the stills and created these. You can get the highest resolution wallpapers here, here, and here.

We also have several other related posts if you just search for Stay With Me on the website. Here are some other stills and behind the scenes photos released over the past little while. Enjoy!

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