Fan Art Friday [20160603]

Hello again! Sometimes I wonder if maybe there is just too much fan art to share! Wang Fei are so talented and creative! Wow! So much lovely and impressive fan art again this week. I hope you enjoy it!

First up we have another lovely, lovely set of Prince Jing from 森熙娜520. I really love their pieces. They’re always so lovely.

Here are some other ones from 森熙娜520 as well.

森熙娜520 also has these lovely ones of Kaikai from last week’s episode of The King/Queen of Crossover Singers. So pretty! I like all the jewel tones in these.

These pieces from Natachat are also inspired from Kaikai’s appearance on The King/Queen of Crossover Singers.

These sketches from yusakk are also inspired by this performance.

This is a super cute piece from 喵犬休憩中_kkw of a Kaikai you can hold in your hand. He looks so restful sleeping there.

Earlier this week zhaotong江 posted these photos of Wang Kai filming a fishing scene for When a Snail Falls in Love. -RR0626 then posted these super cute fan art pieces!

These cartoon pieces from 酉禾kkw are also super adorable – they are from several of Kaikai’s roles. Poor Prince Jing stuck in the Alkaqua bottle!

We also have some more Kaikai Cat edits from 森熙娜520 to share.

Hopefully you caught our posts on Twitter and Facebook earlier this week with all the angry bird and Wang Kai comparisons. If you didn’t, you can check those photos out here. They’re really funny. They then inspired this cute cartoon fan art from -RR0626 and -小狮子饲养员-. There have also been several photos of Wang Kai released where he has a camera in hand (we also shared those on Facebook and Twitter too in case you missed them).

Here is one of my favourite fan edits with Kaikai and his camera from 森熙娜520.

Our very own WKI’s Charlotte made this great edit as well with a similar concept. The Chinese goes along the lines of “Having only one heart, love only one man/person”.

Earlier this week the Stay With Me Weibo account released some stills of Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En dressed in Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse costumes. -RR0626 then created this cute cartoon art.

Along with all all the angry bird comparisons, there was this one from 叶淮青 with an ad for eye brow tint gel. haha. So funny!

And then Clear_罐装雪碧 made this little cartoon where I guess someone is saying that Kaikai’s eyebrows are seaweed? haha.

Of course the internet wouldn’t be complete with yet another animal and Wang Kai comparison. This time it’s dogs with glasses form 王凯kkw深圳影迷会. If you’re having a bad day, this will most likely cheer you up.

A couple of weeks ago we posted a partial post of this piece from 缠夜鹿 but now I’ve found the whole piece. So lovely!

These edits from 王道直行 are really beautiful!

I really love this one from kkw-wk. It’s so beautiful! So beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s fan art! Remember you are always welcome to submit some of your own if you would like to share it here!

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