How to Livestream The King/Queen of Crossover Singers

If you’ve been wondering how to can watch Wang Kai performing on The King/Queen of Crossover Singers in the 28th of May broadcast, we have some information on how and where to watch.

Weibo user 凯凯王的大墨镜 has kindly provided some information for viewers that live abroad for livestreaming the program. This link will also count towards official viewership count. It works on both phone and desktop (though you do need to download an extra program for it to work on your desktop).

If you click on here, it will take you to the livestream video. On a desktop, it will automatically download a file. If you open the file with VLC Player (a free video player that pretty much plays any video), then it starts the livestream.  You can test it out before the show starts at 21:09 Beijing time on BTV, but we don’t think the full livestream is working right now. We will try and update this a little later. [UPDATE] It’s possible this might only work on your phone. Sorry T__T check the comments section for an alternate link.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can also try and download the TVPlus app from Google play or iTunes that works as well to livestream Chinese TV shows. We aren’t sure though if this also counts towards official viewership views though.

Good luck with watching! We hope Wang Kai wins!

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