Fan Art Friday [20160527]

Welcome to this week’s Fan Art Friday! So much lovely fan art to share this week! Remember you can still enter our very own Wang Kai International Fan Art Giveaway. Just click here for the details.

This first set of sketches is from Janeyyy. Aren’t these great?! They’re a set of sketches from Wang Kai’s roles or images from photoshoots!

This next one is a great piece of Jingyan from 그냥 봄나물 @spbomtaku

These pieces from Tarazed@woodnote are really lovely. Just click on the link for their name and check out all woodnote’s lovely Nirvana in Fire fan art. There are some really lovely pieces in their collection. Tarazed@woodnote also has a website where you can check out their artwork.

This is a really lovely sketch of Lin Shu and Jingyan as teenagers from 연코 研珂yán kē @Yeonko2.

And this a really cute one from their childhood years from 蝉蝉 @SemiMage. So cute!

Speaking of cute, this fan edit gif from 言兮小妮子 was hilarious. In an interview for Marie Claire Wang Kai was asked to make a face he would have while eating. (You can read and watch the translated interview here if you want).  言兮小妮子 then edited Kaikai and a rabbit chewing in the same gif. Haha. Funny and cute!

Fans often say Wang Kai has doe or fawn eyes, so kkw-wk made sure to make the comparison clear. haha. Love this! Wang Kai really does have gorgeous eyes!

英小六 also made these great comparison photos of serious-smoulder-sexy and adorkable Kaikai. hehe. Oh Wang Kai! You are so lovable and so dang sexy!

森熙娜520 always has such lovely fan art and this week is no exception. New screensaver/background anyone?

You can get the full resolution images here, here, here, and here.
森熙娜520 also made these edits of Wang Kai’s characters in uniform. Wang Kai looks reeeeaaaaallly goooooood in uniform 😍😍😍

Earlier this week the Stay With Me Weibo account released this photo of BTS with Wang Kai getting his make-up done.

Clear_罐装雪碧 then made this cute sticker art of the photo.

Earlier this week, Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen and the cast and crew of When a Snail Falls in Love presented a press conference for the drama. (Check out our post for photos and the drama trailer). Wang Kai did a few kicks for press photos (and maybe also just being adorkable) before the conference started. So of course there was some cool and cute fan art to represent that. -RR0626 made these ones. These are so cute!

There’s also this one from 喵犬休憩中_kkw.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Fan Art Friday! Remember to enter our giveaway to win some fan art (you have until the end of May) and of course you are always welcome to submit your own fan art to share with everyone!

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