Wang Kai: From a Male God to “The Web’s Famous Mr. Wang”

Map Magazine Nanjing 2016-05-17 Issue 171

One of my favourite things about Wang Kai’s fans is that they are always on the look out to share awesome things. Some great people tagged me on Weibo to make sure I’d see this interview (already translated into English). It’s published as an e-magazine for Map Magazine, and this is their Nanjing edition, published on 17th of May, 2016. Map Magazine is a multilingual publication – and this interview, based in Nanjing, is from when Wang Kai visited Nanjing earlier this year with promoting for Estée Lauder, a brand he endorses.

We will upload screenshots so you can read the interview more easily (though if you have trouble with reading the text, we will gladly type it up as well). We have also not edited any text and left it as it is. The drama referenced as “Huanlesong” is Ode to Joy, which recently finished airing.

[Text on photo: It’s not hard to understand why Wang Kai’s fans scream when they hear the sound of “subwoofers”, Wang Kai naturally attracts the gaze of audiences whenever he greets them].

[Editor’s note: Wang Kai’s eyes are often called deer/fawn eyes, so the reference to “fawning eyes” is most likely in reference to that, and not fawning.]

[Editor’s note: Wang Ziwen was Wang Kai’s first onscreen kiss in a drama they were in together previously]

Let us know if you can’t read the screenshots, and then we will gladly retype the text!

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