Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160514]

Translation and Information by: Eloise, Guo Zaining & Charlotte
Edited by: Eleanor

Wang Kai has been busy rehearsing for his appearance later on this month on the 28th of the variety show: The King/Queen of Crossover Singers (we don’t believe it has an official English name, so this is the WKI team translation). The variety show is a platform for prominent TV, film, and other entertainers with a love (and some talent) for singing to showcase what they can do. Wang Kai will appear alongside other contestants (including Liu Tao) later on this month. He just posted on Weibo with behind the scenes photos of practicing.

“#(Kuà jiè gē wáng) The King/Queen of Crossover Singers# Thank you band members, for all your hard work!”/”Thank you everyone in the band – all of you are so devoted!” 

The variety show will air on Beijing TV (BTV) and we’ll get to hear Wang Kai’s gorgeous and sexy voice singing again!

If you would like to catch a snippet of him singing for the recording of the show, Qin_kkw@Qin77400780 has uploaded a video snippet from Weibo on their Twitter account. The tweet is embedded below!

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