Wang Kai International WeChat Fan Chat

A little while ago, we asked if there was some interest in being able to chat with Wang Fei in China in a chat room/forum that was accessible to both international fans and fans living in China. So we have set up a WeChat WKI group chat and hopefully later we will also set up a Weibo chat that you can join.

WeChat is available for a large section of the world (we’re not sure if there are any countries excluded from downloading the app for their phones or using the desktop version – according to WeChat, it’s open to everyone) and it is also very widely used in China. We have several social media options with the official WKI Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, and Twitter accounts, and of course this website: www.wangkaiinternational where you can communicate with fellow Kaikai fans, but we know know that it is sometimes hard for fans in China to access these forms of social media, and for fans outside of China to access Weibo. (And we also have the WKI Forum as well.) Basically, we want fans to be able to interact in whichever spaces they feel most comfortable and also give fans a chance to share their Kaikai love with each other.

To join the WKI Fan group chat you will of course need to have a WeChat account to access the chat room. You can download it for your phone or computer.

UPDATE: As the group is now over a 100 people, you will need to add the group owner, Eleanor on WeChat and then she can invite you to the group. Her WeChat ID is @eleanor_writes. There are already so many fun conversations happening! Come and join the fun! Once you have a WeChat account, just scan in this QR code and you can join the chat. The QR code will be valid for seven days and then if you want to join after that, we can send you a new QR code. If you have any problems joining the chat, please comment here below, or email the admin at or if you are on Weibo, message Eleanor at @eleanor_writes so we can help you join the conversation.

We hope you enjoy chatting with fans from all around the world!!!

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