Wang Kai Will Get His Own Madame Tussauds Wax Figure

The Madame Tussauds official Weibo recently posted the above shadow cutout asking the Wang Fei to quickly guess which handsome man this was and that the figure would be housed in Wuhan.

Of course, anyone who loves Wang Kai or knows his character, Prince Jing, from Nirvana in Fire, would recognize that silhouette anywhere. They also tagged Wang Kai’s Weibo, his official company Weibo, and 王凯影迷会iwangkai’s as well, so they knew it wouldn’t be hard to guess).

They then later updated their account with this photo reveal. (Isn’t this such an excellent scene in the drama?!)

Wang Kai’s wax figure will be of Prince Jing and will be displayed in Wuhan, Wang Kai’s birth city and hometown. I’m really hopeful that they make a really amazing wax figure of this lovely character that helped launch Wang Kai’s career into the spotlight and his current stardom popularity.

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