Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160423]

Translated by: moonlil
Edited/Post by: Eleanor

Warning: There are some mild spoilers for Ode to Joy in this post (but you might already know them if you’ve watched the trailer). Wang Kai is known for being clued into Internet conversations and what the Wang Fei are saying (and in general the fans for dramas he is in). He posted this to Weibo:

“#Ode to Joy# An old driver? I’ve been driving for 10 years, does that count?”

While Wang Kai might be pretending that this is about actual driving, it’s really a reference to being an old/experienced driver on the road of love (as moonlil explained to me).

There have been several comments on Weibo making reference to his character in Ode to Joy, Dr. Zhao, as being an “experienced driver” and the same for Wang Zi Wen’s character, Qu Xiao Xiao. In a scene in the drama, she uses her “sprained ankle” as an excuse to get to know him better (he’s an orthopedic doctor). In the scene, Dr. Zhao knows exactly what’s going on with the situation.

Here’s the central message of the comments on Weibo:

“Xu Qiao Qiao and Dr. Zhao are both old drivers. Old driver meeting old driver, Dr. Zhao totally knows what’s going and goes all ‘I know what you’re doing girl’ with his eyes.” 
(we have the sample screencap with his knowing smirk right below)

And of course there are some other fun Weibo comments and pictures like this one of an overloaded train with the comment: “This car coming towards us is the car that Mr. Wang Kai is driving”

No doubt this is in reference to his seven million “wives” in his car 😂

And then this cute fan art from Clear_罐装雪碧 with Kaikai saying: “Jump in!”

Gladly, Kaikai, gladly! Now I wonder if the police are going to issue some sort of driving report related to Kaikai. You never know!

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