Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160422]

Translated by: Joyce
Edited by: Eleanor

Dr. Zhao has finally made his appearance in Ode to Joy in episode nine! Wang Kai posted to Weibo to let us know. He is currently very busy filming for When a Snail Falls in Love where his character’s name is Ji Bai.

“#When a Snail Falls in Love” Ji Bai has finished work today, not sure if I rush back if I can make it back in time for Dr. Zhao #Ode to Joy#”
Wang Kai was reposting Mr. Hou Hongliang’s post:
“#Ode to Joy# @王凯kkw Dr. Zhao has started doing outpatient service, you all go line up.”

And here are some gifs from the official drama Weibo from the scene if you want to look at our lovely Dr. Zhao some more. Oh those lovely eyebrows!

If you haven’t started watching the drama, you should definitely give it a try. You can watch it subbed on Viki and the subbing team are subbing super fast!

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