[青丘狐传说] Green Hill Fox Legend: Changting Episode 23 A Kai Kai Cap

Eleanor: This scene, it’s pretty much like a sexy tango, but not really a tango. I also now do NOT believe Kai Kai when he says he can’t dance. Oh this episode, not so much cute Pupu as much as dark, brooding, so sexy, might cause ovary-splosions Pupu. Basically it’s 凯boom all over the place with this episode. 
Joyce: *spaz*
Caitlyn: That scene was so well done, I wanted to gif the whole thing. Lots of great moments in this episode, and also lots of dialogue. I love how it’s really easy to follow even when you don’t understand a thing they’re saying though.
moonlil: That screencap 2333

Episode 23

We start out this episode (which you can watch here or subbed on Viki) with our resident demon hunter, Shi Taipu, standing in front of a monk’s refuge in the Zhongnan mountains (that’s what the sign says at least), or is it a school for demon hunter training? Or maybe they are demon hunting monks? Let’s just take a moment to appreciate his loveliness. Man, he looks so sad! The music is really pretty though. 
It’s Zhongnan mountains so that means Pupu is part of the Quanzhen School of Taoists, it’s not specially stated in the show but there’s no other Taoists schools that mountain range. Also that means I was right, he is related to Xiaolongnü at least in wuxia universe anyway hahaha – she lived in a tomb on the Zhongnan mountains.
Lol, I totally forgot that that school was located on Zhongnan mountains. But remember how the Quanzhen School wasn’t exactly all smiles with Xiaolongnü?? I was first thinking of Mount Mao to be honest, when I thought of exorcism. ;P

It looks like Pupu is the head hunter, or at least very respected (he’s the eldest disciple brother, as in like the first disciple accepted by their shifu). His fellow demon hunters are super happy to see him because apparently it’s hard to find him around. They surmise that he must have met with a troublesome demon and that’s why he’s back. Pupu isn’t really listening to them, so they wonder if perhaps he met a fox spirit that bewitched him. Pupu vehemently denies this and says what nonsense are they talking about. Liar, liar, your pants are on fire! He does admit that he’s met with a formidable wolf demon though that escaped and his fellow hunters want to know where he encountered the demon. This makes Pupu pause for a moment because there’s no way he wants to let a whole troupe of demon hunters near Changting’s family (because we know you like her Pupu!) and instead just says a rich family. The other demon hunters are totally ready to pack their things and help him catch the wolf husband demon. 
How cute was it how much they all totally love and respect him? I wonder if they’re going to be disappointed when he gets with Changting.
Hehehe you can tell Pupu is the main character, everyone else just gets plain white robes.
…and have the typical Taoist hairbun on their heads, instead of having their hair down. ;D

A little while later Pupu is practicing his wicked aim with his crossbow by shooting at a tree. Pupu, I hope you don’t carve up the tree too much. He looks lost in thought as he gazes at the arrow bolt in his hand and then his eyes naturally fall on the shoes that Changting made for him.
Cute shoes XD
White shoes goes with everything almost, nice choice of colors Changting <– totally missing the point here

Pupu is most definitely caught up in the memory of happier times with his lady love Foxy-Loxy, who he’s very much trying to deny that he’s falling for. While lost in thought, he senses someone there, quickly turns around, and calls out “Who’s there?” It’s none other than Changting, come to spy on/look for Pupu. You’ve got to admire her persistence. Chanting replies that she knows he doesn’t want to see her, but she’s worried about him and has been following him since he left. Aw. She’s worried about him.
Ha ha, she’s never gonna let him go, is she? Just stick with him until he admits his feelings, Changting, I’ve got your back!
I really like all his clothes in this show. This black one is really nice.
His costumes in this show really suits him. It’s fun how the fans have been teasing Pupu for “being poor”, yet his clothes are all quite nice XD …Ok, I am biased, Wang Kai looks good in 99.9999….% of clothes anyone throws on him, probably even looks hot in a potato bag. XD

The would be lovers, (we’re all rooting for them, aren’t we?) of course immediately start arguing. Pupu angrily explains that Zhongnan Mountain is a sacred training ground and as a fox spirit she should never have dared come up the mountain. He asks her if she wants to die (code for: I don’t want you to die! We all read Tsundere-Pupu too well lol). Changting of course is super happy about this and counters with a, “You are worried about me?” haha. Haha. Of course he is, so Pupu says nothing but storms off angrily instead and Changting follows (with some sort of magical dissolve reappearance trick). Changting confronts him by saying, “You’re clearly worried about me, so why…” but he interrupts her and goes on about how she’s a fox spirit and he’s a man, and that they’re not on the same path i.e. they’re enemies. He knows he let her go before, but does she think his brothers will do the same? She asks him if he would just stand by if they were to hack her to pieces, or would he intervene. Pupu’s answer is to hold one of his crossbow darts to her throat. Come on Pupu, that’s a bit hasty now! He asks if she doesn’t think he won’t kill her. Her answer: instead of flinching, she steps closer to the crossbow bolt so that it’s even closer to her exposed jugular. 
Blah blah blah, whatever you say, Pupu. It’s lies, all lies, and we know it and she knows it.
Oh stop being so angry Pupu (even if you look good when angry) and let Changting in~~~ you’ll feel so much better, guaranteed. Anyway you’re argument is old, how many times have you brought up that human/demon thingy already -_-!
Besides, he wouldn’t be the first one to fall for a fox spirit, so yeah, the argument is a bit thin 😛 Also, despite the angst here, I had a hard time shutting down the endless repeat of “Tsundere-Pupu” in my head…>_>U;; I love Changting’s firm gaze in that screencap below by the way. 😀 Jin Chen really has her expressions under control, without making the character feel off despite the fast pace at which the story is going.

She doesn’t think that he would kill her and if he is really that cruel, well he may as well kill her now. I really love Changting. All Pupu can do is say: “You!” haha. She certainly knows how to make him speechless. They have an intense stare down and Pupu flicks the crossbow dart away. He thinks this is all pretty absurd. We all know you didn’t really want to kill her Pupu, so quit being so angry about it. Changting tells him that he cannot kill her because in his heart he still feels something for her. Yup. Yup. He does. You tell him Foxy-Loxy! She asks him if he really doesn’t care anything for her, then why is he still wearing the shoes she made him. He tells her that they are strangers who came together by chance and he’s already been super kind to her and been as dutiful as he could be. Ack! Pupu! He tells her that from now on, they have no more connection. Changting does NOT look happy at his words. 
You (cute) knucklehead! You’re hurting her feelings!
…and hurting himself in the process…Pupu you thickhead TT__TT

He says he’ll let her go today but if he ever sees her again in the future, he will be heartless. Changting says she understands and this is then goodbye forever. These two! Argh! Argh! As Changting walks off, Pupu hears some people coming and immediately grabs Changting and takes cover with her behind a statue. Haha. Actions speak louder than words Pupu! Pupu’s demon hunter brothers all file by without noticing anything amiss and Changting stares at Pupu with all the sorrow, wanting, agony of a woman who knows she’s met the one man in 800 years that she really wants, but he’s being really pig-headed about not admitting that he loves her too. I feel ya sister, I really do. 
Ahahahahaha, I love that he literally just finishes telling her to leave and then immediately jumps in to protect her. Ahahahahaha
Indeed! Just look at the way he holds her.
Tsundere-Pupu.Tsundere-Pupu.Tsundere-Pupu.Tsundere-Pupu.Tsundere-Pupu.Tsundere-Pupu…*Shutting up the endless repeat* Changting, give him a teary-eye and I dare him to walk off without you now! ToT

Once the demon hunters have gone by, Pupu worriedly shouts at her asking her if she really wants to die. She replies that she only wants to prove one thing and now she has her answer. Pupu cares about her. She wonders why he won’t just admit it already and accept her. I know, right? Exactly! And Changting you smart little foxy-loxy! She asks him if it’s because she’s a fox spirit, but she says that she has only ever done good deeds and has never harmed any humans. Pupu then accuses her of being the white fox he was trying to catch earlier who was sucking out a human’s energy. Changting is shocked that he thought that was her, but despite her protestations, he doesn’t believe her. He thinks that running into her in the forest right after chasing the white fox can’t be a coincidence, and anyway, she’s a fox spirit, and fox spirits are untrustworthy. 
He doesn’t actually think that fox was her though, does he? Not really. He knows her too well for that.
Changting really makes a good point here, she can’t choose what she is, but it doesn’t mean that she has no right to pursue love just because she’s a demon!
I love how reasonable she is, SO much better than those characters that just go around crying, screaming and accusing. =_= Can future female characters please at least have a fraction of her brains please? Thankyouverymuch.

Changting gets up and tells Pupu to follow her, but he won’t budge. She grabs his arm, but he tells her to let go. Her response: I’ll never let go! *cue Titanic music* She says she will take him and show him proof that the white fox isn’t her because she believes that the Shi Taipu that she knows isn’t so stubborn that he won’t realize truth when he sees it. Her words make an impact and he follows her into the forest. 
She knows him too well. Go Changting!

Pupu is still being bratty and wonders if she actually doesn’t have proof. Haha. Pupu. You are such a brat. Changting says that she’s mostly worried that she’s bringing death to the white fox, who is already hurt. She doesn’t want Pupu to kill her. Pupu promises that if Changting is telling the truth, then he won’t harm the white fox spirit. With that, Changting leads him to where a very injured white fox lies almost at the brink of death. He actually seems a little sad/guilty that the fox spirit seems so hurt.
That fox was really creepy. I think it was the bad CGI and it’s weird eyes.
I felt kind of sorry for the injured fox, must be the weak call they added. We have yet to hit the worse of the CGIs >_>.
Am I the only one who thought that this looked like an oversized hybrid of a ferret and a raccoon?? It took me a minute to realize that this was supposed to be a white fox…=___=U;; And yes, 50cent-CGI again, but could be a lot worse I guess…
No, you’re not the only one. It also looked like a raccoon-ferret hybrid to me too XD

 After confirming that Changting isn’t the white fox he injured, Pupu acknowledges that maybe she doesn’t hurt humans, but she still covered for the other fox spirit. He also wants to know if it were really a coincidence that she happened to find him in the forest that day. Changting says she really was looking for him and that it was a coincidence that she ran into the white fox. He’s convinced that just by helping, she is in fact being just as evil as the white fox spirit. Of course Changting is ticked off at this and asks why can’t a person or fox spirit be judged on their individual character and the deeds they do and not on some biased judgement. She also wants to know why he is so unforgiving towards her kind especially since he’s a wanted criminal in the human world. Ooh! I didn’t realize that.
Wait, he’s a criminal? Why? Oh wait, did that come up in the first episode?
Maybe it’s because he killed some demons who were pretending to be humans so people thought he kill people.
Technically speaking, the wolf wife possessed a man in the first ep of this arc to hide from them and killed that guy in the process, and when he exorcized her, she left behind his corpse and to the ignorant mob, it looked like he had killed that man. So he’s wanted as a murderer. I totally forgot about that part until Changting brought that up again. Not like anyone’s been chasing after him except for Changting for entirely different reasons anyway lol.

She tells him that she knows the real him, and he is really kind and upright, and good person. So why won’t he look past the part that she’s a demon and look at her feelings and good deeds? Pupu answers, well so what? What if I do acknowledge them? She’s still a demon and he’s a demon hunter. It’s not like she can follow him around forever. He tells her that they will never work and just to think of it as if they had never met. He walks off, leaving a very devastated and sad Changting.
She can follow you around forever because she’s immortal, so really, it’s you who can’t follow her around forever, Pupu.
Hahaha good point!
No seriously by this point in time Pupu your argument is getting old! Have you not listened to anything Changting said? How many times have you said the same excuse? I really like how Changting is totally not caving into Pupu when he’s being so angry and forceful and still stands up for her feelings and what she is.
With someone as tsundere and stubborn as Pupu, you really need to stand firm and stay persuasive to get him to give in eventually. He’s not really being convincing because he himself is conflicted. 

Back at home, Changting meets up with her dad who is watering some flowers in front of her mother’s memorial tablet. They chat about her mom’s favourite flower (the one he is watering) and how difficult it is to tend to it, but Changting’s mother loved it, so Papa Weng makes the effort. He also talks about how when it withers, the whole flower falls off, and this is a grand way to die. So it’s no surprise to him that his amazing wife would love such an amazing and grand flower. I really love how we’re getting to see this family setting of the fox spirits – and it’s definitely there to show us how they love and that they are worth loving – not the monsters Pupu thinks they are. It also turns out that Papa and Mama Weng were complete opposites and Changting asks how they were still able to be together and love each other so deeply despite being complete opposites. Papa Weng responds that he relied on never giving up or being defeated while pursuing his lady love. Apparently they fought a bunch, but he was never really any match for his future wife, so he just pestered her until she was moved. Changting takes this as a sign that she should never leave Pupu’s side and not give up on trying to show her true feelings and sincerity in the hopes that he will eventually acknowledge that maybe their love is something worth pursuing.
Do you know what I love about this paragraph, and it’s completely unrelated to Foxes? Eleanor spells ‘Mum’ with an ‘o’ but spells ‘favourite’ with a ‘u’. Your American South African is coming out, Eleanor, ha ha
Nah, it’s just that my mom hates “mum” and a lot of South Africans actually don’t say “mum”, that’s very British, not very South African. 
So basically keep badgering him until he caves, got it.
#The art of pursuing a stubborn tsundere demon hunter#

Papa Weng gives her some advice that you have to love a person as they are and allow them their freedom, like he loved his wife and didn’t try to stop her from her travels around the world. That he didn’t try and change her, but allowed her to be herself, the self that he loved. Changting asks if he never doubted his wife’s love for him, and he responds, of course not! He also tells her that only she can know if she loves someone and that she cannot lie about this to herself or the other person. Changting of course really loves this advice, and it’s pretty good advice. We cannot control how someone else feels about us, but that doesn’t mean we should lie about our own feelings. Wise Papa Weng. 
I don’t think Changting has ever once lied about her feelings for Pupu though. She’s been pretty obvious about them from the get go, ha ha

Changting has been extremely clear and forward and firm about her feelings which is awesome – one of the things that makes me like Changting :). So not like Pupu but I can understand. >_<.
She’s been quite clear-minded right from the beginning, which makes her really likable. And Papa Weng’s advice was also one of the best parts of this story in terms of its wisdom I think. It is something that should exist and be lived outside of this show too. Hopefully more people will understand it, not just theoretically. 

Some time later, Changting and Hongting are wandering through the house chatting about Changting’s plan to become a demon catcher. She makes Hongting promise not to tell their dad about it. Suddenly they come upon a rather grisly find. Someone has left a severed fox tail on their doorstep. Changting is pretty sure that this is the work of the wolf husband. 
Isn’t that totally the sweetest thing? She wants to become a demon hunter as well! I don’t see how that will work though, considering how empathetic she is towards all spirits.
I found it funny how everyone thought that was the end of that when the wolf husband ran away after he got injured, then suddenly everyone gets surprised by the tail >_>.
“Hello guys, don’t forget about me, I’m still around! ;_;”

The Weng household gets called to a meeting to discuss the severed tail and the very nervous servants clasp their behinds as if the wolf husband might jump in any moment and cut off their tails. They’re pretty worried as well because Pupu isn’t there anymore to help. Changting reassures them that even though the wolf husband is trying to make them fearful and afraid, he can’t have fully recovered yet, but when he does, he will certainly come to exact his revenge. Papa Weng also badmouths Pupu for having left when he promised to get rid of the wolf husband demon. Poor Pupu and poor fox spirits. The situation isn’t very good right now. Uncle Weng further adds to the mood of doom and gloom saying that he’s pretty sure that without the demon catcher, they don’t have any hope of getting rid of the wolf husband, but Changting reassures them that she will find a way. 
I still think an entire family of fox spirits should be able to defeat one wolf. Like, seriously, how can they not?
They’re not very powerful foxes I guess…
Uncle Weng, if you really think that, why put in so much effort chasing Pupu away?? =_= 

We cut next to our resident demon hunter strolling through the forest on a mission. He throws a talisman into the air and it bursts into flames as we hear the sounds of children playing and Pupu rushes off to find the source of the demon energy. It’s the cute baby wolf spirits! Pupu takes aim with his crossbow and it seems for a moment that he might hesitate. Will he shoot the wolf cub spirits?

He does! The arrow bolt flies through the air in slow motion and Pupu watches in surprise and horror and Changting throws herself in front of the wolf cubs spirits protecting them, but getting hit in the process. Pupu asks her is she’s crazy but she’s insistent that even though these are the children of the wolf husband, they are innocent. Pupu is all about destroying the whole wolf spirit family though despite Changting saying mercy here is the better option. Pupu says that they might be grateful now, but maybe they will grow up to be evil spirits one day. Changting says that they can be taught to be good, but Pupu isn’t buying it because he says that after thousands of years they should have reincarnated as immortals and not demons. 
I can’t believe he shot at them! You lose points for that, Pupu. They’re children! That magic healing thing he did for her was pretty cool though. And hilarious. He just kind of conjures a ball of light and zaps her with it, lol
Not cool Pupu, you’ve not listened to anything Changting said, and please stop repeating yourself….-_-
His worries aren’t unjustified, the Weng family is affiliated to the cubs’ mom’s death after all. But then again, we all have a weakness for children, who really are innocent. 

As Changting slowly rises, obviously in a lot of pain from the arrow bolt and tells Pupu proudly that her fondest wish is to become an immortal. And that demons/spirits all have this desire but sometimes they are lead astray and that as a demon hunter he should be helping to reward the good instead of trying to kill all spirits without knowing whether they are good or evil. If Pupu is going to kill all the monsters, then none of them will ever have the chance of being good and becoming immortal. Before Pupu can respond, Changting collapses in great pain and the little wolf cub spirits rush to her side calling out “Jiejie! Jiejie!” (older sister, older sister). So cute! Pupu tells her that if she doesn’t pull out the silver arrow, she will lose her arm, but she is so determined to protect the wolf cub spirits that she won’t do that unless he promises he won’t harm them. He pulls the arrow out without promising anything, and before Changting faints, she begs him again not to harm them. Pupu tells the wolf cubs to escape quickly. Yay! He didn’t kill them!
They’re some smart words, Pupu. Listen to her!
Guilt trip~~~~
The only way to force him to listen and take in the words.

In a cave somewhere, Pupu tends to a feverish Changting, carefully wiping away the sweat from her face. Can I just say, I was absolutely breathless in those scenes looking at his face. He. Is. So. Beautiful. That. It. Hurts. 
In this scene, the first thing i thought was “Well geez Pupu, you could be a bit gentler”. Look at how he’s patting her face.
Hahaha, sorry laughing at such an inappropriate time in the story.
Lol Caitlyn! Think of it this way: By orders of the director, he somehow has to wake her up so that they can continue the story. ;P

Once Changting regains consciousness, Pupu tells her that she’s the stupidest demon he’s ever seen. Haha. Way to win a woman’s heart there Pupu. But then he follows it up with telling her she’s the kindest demon he’s ever seen. *melts into a puddle of goo* And he asks her if she is truly different from the other demons. You can tell so badly that he wants the answer to be yes. Changting though can only ask about the wolf cub spirits, but Pupu reassures her that they are fine. Changting is so relieved and thanks Pupu for treating her wound. He is pretty concerned for her and you can catch glimpses of our tsundere Pupu coming out. Oh Pupu. Breaking Changting and all our hearts over here. 
Brilliant Pupu, you say all the right things without knowing it.
See? Told you he’s a natural talent.

Pupu tells her that his whole life he has only killed demons and not saved them, so he didn’t really know what medicine would suit her or how to help her well, so he wasn’t really all that helpful. He turns to walk away, but Changting grabs his wrist and begs him not to leave her alone. He brushes off her request rather brusquely and says he’s going to go and get her some food. Haha. You can tell he totally wants to stay and be with her, but yes, it is practical to get some food. She says she will wait for him to come back and there are practically hearts shooting out of both of their eyes! All the suppressed feelings!!!

I know right. He’s totally trying to work himself up to say something more to her. Arg just say it!
Tsundere-Pupu is such a tease in a way…XD

While Pupu is gone, Changting falls back into a feverish sleep that leaves her shaking with chills. She wakes up and gets up calling out for Pupu, but he isn’t there. Standing up is too much for the very ill Changting, and she faints again. 
Was scared for a sec that he had ran off.
Me too, but on second thought, he’s a tsundere, so nah, he’ll probably be back after an angst trip.

When she awakes, she sees she’s all warm and toasty now because Pupu has covered her with his outer robe and he’s also there tending a fire to warm up the cave. And then our hearts get all warm and fuzzy at the smiles and glances and feelings and them being so frickin’ cute! Changting thanks him for letting her use his robes and for the fire, but he says the fire is for him because the weather is cold. LOL Pupu. I heart you. Pupu tells her that while she is sick and still healing from her injury, he will stay with her and not leave, so she doesn’t need to worry. Aw. Heart melt. (I also really like this song that plays over them looking all googly eyed at each other – do any of you know what it’s called?)
When she first woke up, she realises that his coat is covering her and her little smile is the sweetest thing ever. And then she just continues to smile him at him, except he didn’t smile back! He looked but didn’t smile. Stupid Pupu!
OMG the stubborn way he says everything here is sooooooo cute. Pupu’s “I’m too embarrassed to admit you’re right” pout and Changting’s “I totally know you like me smile” forcing Pupu to do a “dammit she knows, this is so embarrassing and why am I not angry?” eye roll.
Tsundere-Pupu. Tsundere-Pupu. Tsundere-Pupu. Tsundere-Pupu. Tsundere-Pupu. Tsundere-Pupu. Tsundere-Pupu. Tsundere-Pupu… XD Joyce, you are playing my mind theater out here! I loved their little expressions in here XD

The next morning, Changting is sitting by the river cleaning her wound when Pupu comes looking for her. He fusses over her saying that she should still be resting. He’s glad that the wolf husband didn’t find her and that she shouldn’t go out by herself. Changting is happy that he’s worried about her and says that she would be worried too if he were to go out. Pupu says that he is a demon catcher and doesn’t need a demon worrying about him. Pupu! 
We’ve seen his injured left shoulder and her injured left shoulder. Is there some kind of Injured Left Shoulder club I’m not aware of?
Pft, you little aojiao (傲娇) — this is the equivalent of tsundere in Chinese.
Good question. Maybe this is just the show’s way of showing “those 2 belong together, see they even get wounded on the same places, if this isn’t love and fate”? lol Aojiao-Pupu is cute, but also makes me really want to pull his cheeks 😛

Changting cheerfully brushes off Pupu’s still in frickin denial that he likes her and asks him to help her apply medicine to the wound. Haha. Pupu is totally shy about this. Haha. So cute. He turns away and Changting says it’s okay, she’ll do it herself. Oh Pupu. Your gorgeous lady love is sitting there looking so fetching and here you are being shy!
Ever the Gentleman, ha ha. He can’t help himself.
Actually with the amount of skin he’s seen of her he would’ve had to marry her anyway. It may not look very revealing to a modern audience but back in they day, Changting is being very provocative now.
Same thought here, she’s being REALLY provocative now, quite brave. With the amount of skin he’s seen from here, they should have been married long time ago and be having children now lol.

Changting struggles to apply the medicine herself and Pupu overcomes his awkwardness and comes to help her. He tells her that when he gets hurt, he just sort of puts a bandage on it and that he isn’t really good at looking after other people. Changting reassures him that she’s quite happy with how he is already helping him. Eep! The feels! 
XD I actually thought Changting did a better job of applying the medicine herself.
Lol don’t discourage him when he’s finally starting to give in and trying to be tender now.

Later on, Pupu is out practicing his demon catching magic when Changting comes to spy on him and see what he’s doing. She tries mimicking his hand motions, but it isn’t really working. Of course he can sense her behind him and he quickly turns to throw some fruit to her to quench her thirst. She at least catches it, that would have been so bad if it had hit her on the head or something. 
Hahaha. And Pupu is totally trying to look his best all the time, look at the way he’d standing and folding his arms behind his back. Pft Changting is already head over heels, no need for further incitement.
No need to try and look good, just accept and marry her for god’s sake! XD

He wonders if maybe she might already be healed since her reflexes are so good. Changting replies by totally calling him out on being clearly worried about her but constantly denying it. Haha. I love how she just doesn’t give up on him. Hehe. She asks if he’ll still be nice to her if she’s fully healed. Haha. He doesn’t really know how to respond properly. She asks him if he can bear to leave her. She is so bold! I love it! He starts saying: “I…” but she cuts him off and says that she cannot bear to leave him and will always be at this side. His response is to ask why she’s trying to learn his demon catching magic. She tells him about the fox tail threat from the wolf husband and that she wants to learn his techniques so that she can protect her family against the wolf husband. She knows that Pupu won’t want to help her family anymore because he knows they are fox spirits. At this, Pupu storms off and Changting follows him begging for his help. 
Think Pupu what is she supposed to do if you don’t help her~~~~

Pupu says that begging won’t help because it’s a lot more complicated than that. She says that she knows he doesn’t want to teach her the demon catching techniques because he is afraid she will use them against the demon hunters eventually and do evil things with the knowledge. He’s glad she understands he says and then when she asks why he still doesn’t trust her, he asks why she didn’t tell him she was already fully healed. She says it’s because she wanted to spend some more time with him. Pupu. You are being so dense. As Pupu walks away, Changting grabs one of his arrow bolts and holds it to her throat. Pupu is shocked and doesn’t quite know what to do. Changting makes an oath to the heavens that if she learns the demon catching techniques, she will only use them to fight evil demons and to do good, and if she doesn’t, then she will die by one of Shi Taipu’s silver arrows, dissipate, never to be reincarnated again. In horror, Pupu forcefully grabs the arrow from Changting, causing her to fall to the ground. He’s upset that she’s making such a serious vow without seeming to think about it. He asks if she really wants to die by one of his arrows? Has she even considered his feelings he says!? Ooh! Finally! Some sort of admission that he has feelings for her. 
Look at how he throws her to the ground, he’s so angry! He lost points for shooting the kids and he’s losing more points for being so violent with her.
Giving Pupu the evil eye and how many times are you going to do this walking off in anger thing this episode Pupu?
It would be really cruel if she really died by his hands though, I kinda understand his anger. And she vowed to turn to dust and forever leave the cycle of reincarnating too, that is some heavy vow, though forced out by him kinda. But Pupu, be gentle! Remember, you’re the male lead, not the female lead!! XD

As Changing wanders sad and dejected through the forest, she comes across the wolf cub spirits digging up worms to eat, or maybe it’s bamboo shoots? They don’t really like them though and keep spitting them out. Changting rushes up to them and finds out that their dad has pretty much abandoned them while pursuing his revenge. Changting feels a lot of pity for them and rushes to fetch them a freshly roasted chicken, which they happily start eating. She makes them promise to be good and to not be afraid of evil and to not get caught up in their father’s revenge scheme. They say they will and she praises them. Pupu of course is watching behind a tree and you can see he is touched by Changting’s exchange with the wolf cub spirits. 
Poor kids, their mum dies and then their dad just ditches them. In that situation, there is a good chance of them really turning evil, so it’s a good thing Changting is around. I can see how her and Pupu could make a good team later, switching demons over to Good instead of just killing them.
Poor kiddies~~ They keep spying on each other because they can’t get their eyes off each other hahahaha.
Poor kiddos…Pupu, I thought you stomped off?? That stroll was quick 😀

Back at the cave, brooding, sexy Pupu and his gorgeous eyes threaten to cause a 凯boom level explosion in my heart. He tells Changting to follow him. A little bewildered, she follows him out the cave. 

And then commences Pupu teaching her demon catching magic. Changting can’t quite keep up with Pupu’s pace, but she’s making progress. The sky is filled with bright darts of light as they make magic together. huhu. I couldn’t resist. 
He trusts her! He actually properly trusts her now! She’s so cute watching and emulating him like that.
Yay~~ finally~~~~
*drooling over a certain someone’s hands*

The demon catching magic is too much for Changting and she’s thrown through the air and collapses, coughing up  blood. Of course Pupu rushes to her side, completely worried. He injects her with a burst of energy and she asks what’s going on. Pupu tells her that she will be unable to learn the demon hunting magic because it’s meant to restrain demons like her, and if she tries to use it, it will backfire and kill her eventually. He says that if she tries too many more times, not even he will be able to save her. Nooooooooo! I wanted them to be a demon hunting power couple! 
Man, that blood makeup is just so bad.
Like the magic here, even if I don’t understand how making a force field around yourself helps you with catching demons….
…to boost your powers maybe? Or it’s one of those fields that weakens the enemy??

Back at the Weng mansion, Papa and Uncle Weng rush into Hongting’s room where only her red cloak lies on the bed. Uncle Weng directs Papa Weng’s attention to the message written in blood (?) in the mirror: I’ll be back to get Changting! This throws them into a panic, understandably. 

As Pupu walks through the forest, Changting tries to discreetly follow him, but he knows she’s there and calls out for her to come out. He wants to know why she’s still there and she insists that she HAS to learn the demon hunting techniques so she can save her family. He wonders if she wants to commit suicide and says she can’t just overcome this through stubbornness. Changting believes though that she can overcome it and that if they have the same goals and desire to do good, then they can work together to unite their energies and make it work. I’m not even going to comment on the subtext here. Haha. She says that if he is really determined not to help her, then she will leave. 
He’s right though. If this is magic meant specifically to defeat spirits, then surely her spirit will get in the way of that even if she doesn’t want it to?
That’s right, but she’s like “I can overcome anything as long as I try my best~~”
Same thought here about the conflict of powers and her nature. It feels like the show is trying to say “love can overcome all” again…I dunno just how credible that is…

At Changting’s words that she will leave, Pupu looks kind of distraught. He really doesn’t want her to leave, does he? At this he grabs her and they commence an incredibly beautiful, graceful, and terribly sexy dance of demon catching magic. United, the magic just flows between them. At one point, Changting seems like she might be in pain, but she overcomes it. They are perfectly in sync and manage the demon catching magic successfully. *fans self*
So much subtext. Soooooooooooo much. Look at her fly! Also, I actually restrained myself by only making four gifs of this scene *pats self on back*
Oh this section is so lovely, the almost kisses and brushes against each other oh so closely and the flow of energy between them must really have broken down the last of Pupu’s barriers~~~
A really cute and beautiful scene 2333

Changting is so happy and excited that she hugs Pupu, who doesn’t quite know what to do. As Pupu stares at Changting, he asks if she’s okay and that at one point during the magic conjuring he was quite worried about her. At this, Changting says: “Finally, you’re able to say it!” She’s obviously not worried about any danger she might be in. Pupu has practically declared his undying love for her. Okay, maybe not quite, but this is a big deal for our Pupu. He grabs her into a big hug and Changting hugs him back with a very happy look on her face. I have a giant smile on my face right now too! 
He hugged her he hugged her he hugged her! I was practically giddy at this point. Lol at his face though. Look how happy Changting is though. Look at her face. Gah she’s so adorable!
It’s not like he said “I love you” but she go so excited anyway XD that was so cute.
For his character, he might not have said it in words, but is practically saying it with his actions and the looks in his eyes. Such a beautiful smile on Changting’s face 233

Just in time to mess up our very romantic moment comes Papa Weng, who you can tell is rather shocked to find Changting and Pupu so friendly and lovey dovey and stuff. Just go away Papa Weng and leave our love birds alone, okay. 

Yeah Papa Weng, go away! Pupu was even smiling!
Boooo go away Papa Weng.
Papa Weng, you’re beloved wife’s flowers needs watering NOW, pls hurry home!

Papa Weng tells them that Hongting has been kidnapped by the wolf husband and that his next target is Changting. Changting realizes that not only has the wolf husband fully healed, but now he’s even stronger than before. Papa Weng also decides that now is a really good time to scold Pupu. Noooo! Leave him alone! Papa Weng asks him to come and hunt the wolf husband as promised, but then the next minute accuses Pupu of being afraid of the wolf husband. Um, not exactly a great way to win Pupu over to your side Papa Weng. 
Exactly~~ and all the arguments are done in such a childish manner so I can’t seem to take him seriously.
Papa Weng acts more like a child than a dad 90% of the time it feels…How did Changting grow up to be so collected and reasonable?? Does she come after her mom?? Must be that…

Changting tells her dad that she’s learned the demon hunting techniques and that they should just leave Pupu alone and deal with their family troubles alone. Pupu of course gets really angry about this and says she has barely learned the techniques and doesn’t know them well enough. Code for: I’m super worried about you baobei, don’t try! But Changting insists that Hongting is her sister and even if her chances to fight the wolf husband aren’t great, she is going to try anyway. Pupu says, well then fine, have it your way and pretend I didn’t say anything. 
I love Pupu with his arms crossed in that picture, he looks like such a little brat.
He’s obviously worried but his awkward attitude keep playing up XD.
“I’m upset, give me a hug and pat my head. ” XD

Papa Weng carefully watches this exchange, picking up a bit on the subtext going on. Changting thanks him for taking care of her the past few days and says her goodbyes. As they turn to go, Papa Weng breathes some sort of energy into Changting to make her pass out. Pupu is not very happy with this but it’s not like he can do much with Changting already unconscious. Wow, how many times has she already been passed out this episode already?
Papa Weng, knocking your daughter unconscious seems a bit much. Why not just ask her to go stand over by that tree for a minute?

Papa Weng tells Pupu that he can see that Pupu is really worried about Changting and that she really is no match for the wolf husband. Papa Weng also seems to have figured out that Pupu has feelings for Changting but can’t seem to reconcile her being a fox spirit and he being a demon hunter. Pretty much. As Pupu clenches his fist he glances at Changting and wishes that she take care. Noooo! Don’t leave now Pupu!
Yes, it took him almost 3 eps to accept Changting, it’s gonna take a while for him to accept that he’ll be hanging out with a skulk of foxes and this time doing it knowingly (hahaha).
Pupu, you can have your angsty moments, but pls don’t let them be too long? There aren’t that many more eps to go, and I want to see the two of you being cute together a bit longer than a total of 10min…>_>U;;

As Pupu walks away, Papa Weng stops him and tells him that he doesn’t really care whether he lives or dies, that he’s already lived for a thousand years and death doesn’t really matter to him. But what he cares about are his two treasures, his two daughters who he raised alone because their mother died young. Despite Papa Weng getting pretty emotional and asking Pupu if he can stand to see Changting march off to get killed, Pupu still stubbornly says that he’s made his decision and he’s not going to help. Are you channelling some Water Buffalo here Pupu?
When Pupu tries again to leave, Papa Weng falls to his knees begging Pupu to defeat the wolf husband and save Hongting. He says he will give Pupu anything he wants but Pupu says he’s a demon hunter with a pure heart and there’s nothing he wants anyway. At this, Papa Weng earnestly starts to cry and says that if he can’t protect his daughters, then he has no reason in this world to live. At this point, Changting starts to wake up. Papa Weng says that even if he dies, he knows Pupu can protect Changting and promises Pupu that if he defeats the wolf demon and saves Hongting, that he’ll let Pupu marry Changting. Hehehehehe. Papa Weng is cunning. 
It’s not Papa Weng that’s the problem but at least we have his blessing now. Pupu himself is the only issue now, lol
…Pupu and my Prince would become good friends I think…Other than this difference in positions, there’s only the minor difference to the degree of being stubborn and a tsundere…>_>U;;

You can just see the cogs turning in that pretty head of Pupu’s as he considers this promise. He says that he already promised to kill the wolf demon and he will keep his promise. Changting chooses this moment to let them know she’s awake. She gently scolds her dad for using his charms to make her faint and for bothering Pupu. Papa Weng proudly tells her that with his excellent persuasive skills, he’s managed to convince Pupu to help, it’s just that he also promised…at this Pupu interrupts him and doesn’t let Changting know that her dad promised Pupu could marry her. Haha. She already knows Pupu! She already knows! 

Well I actually thought this was kinda creepy – Pupu you loose points for agreeing to help upon hearing that promise, I don’t see how this makes up for the excuses he’s been putting forth. And he’s only just accepted Changting and now they’re already promised for marriage how quick is that? Pupu seems to have lost a lot of points this episode… 

Pupu commences making poison to kill the wolf husband and Changting comes along to help. Let’s look at those lovely Kaikai hands shall we.
Wang Fei and his hands *lols*
2333 *speechless*

She picks up the flowers Pupu is crushing and says they look familiar. He explains that they are wolfsbane and contain poison to kill the wolf husband. She asks if she can help with anything, and he says she can dip the arrow bolts into the poison for him but to be careful she doesn’t get any on her hands. 

At the wolf husband’s den, the wolf husband is busy sucking the life out of Hongting, literally, while the frightened wolf cub spirits look on. He accuses Hongting of not being obedient to him and making him unhappy, so he’s going to kill her and then go after Changting as well because he’s just dying to get a bite out of her too. Hongting says that he can kill her, but to leave Changting and her family out of it. 
My Romeo & Juliet romance between those two is well and truly dead now. I mean, it already was, but now it’s 10 feet underground as well.
He’s so horrible… even his den looks stupid.
I didn’t have any hopes for their romance, but the least he could do is treating his children nicely that his beloved wife left with him. =_=++

On second thoughts, the wolf husband says he won’t kill her and will actually let her run away. He tells his sons that their test will be to chase Hongting, kill her, and bring back her bones. He’s a real charmer this wolf husband, isn’t he? He releases Hongting from her chains and she runs out of the cave with the wolf spirit cubs in hot pursuit. While running, Honting falls down a hillside as the growling cubs descend on her. Pupu and Changting hear the sounds of the pursuit and rush to find the source of the noise. 
I had to gif this for the CGI.
Those two baby wolves look sooooo cute~~~ puppies XD
The children are so cute…They deserve a better dad tho…>_>U;;

However, when they get there, instead of a bloodbath, Hongting and the wolf cubs are cowering together. They rush to Changting’s side when they see her and give her hugs. Pupu isn’t quite convinced they’re still not going to do something bad, but they tell Pupu that they wouldn’t hurt Hongting because they remembered Changting-jiejie told them that they mustn’t hurt people who were good to them. And that they want to be good and kind like Changting as well. 

Hongting is happy to hear that Changting saved the wolf cubs previously and surmises that the heavens have their own design in what’s going on. When Changting asks if the wolf husband hurt her, she reassures her that she’s okay and that while she was imprisoned she built a bond with the wolf cub spirits. It turns out that the wolf husband really doesn’t care that much for his offspring. 
Charming dad. And his wife died to steal a treasure to boost his powers too…=_=

The wolf cub spirits explain to Pupu that they had to pretend to chase Hongting and then pounce on her to make it seem like they were doing their father’s bidding, but they were really careful and they really hope that they didn’t hurt Hongting. She reassures them that she’s fine. They are so adorable. I just want to cuddle them. Changting gives them the task of protecting Hongting while she and Pupu go off to find the wolf husband. They readily agree. They are so cute! I kind of want to see Fei Liu train them. Though that might be more cuteness than I can handle.
Oh my God yes, lets get Fei Liu in here stat! Sigh. I miss Fei Liu sometimes.
See Pupu more good spirits~~~
…I was wondering what the kids would think if they knew that this jiejie and gege are going to look for their dad and maybe even to kill him…Though he’s worthy of a Father of the Year award, he’s still their dad and only living relative…Fei Liu I miss you, come here and I’ll give you snacks!

Changting and Pupu can’t find the wolf husband in his den and they get really worried because it’s the full moon and the wolf husband will be at his strongest. Pupu throws a magic talisman in the air and it indicates that the wolf husband has gone in the direction of the Weng mansion. And elsewhere we see the wolf husband transform into a terrible CGI version of a werewolf-Hulk creature.
The CGI is honestly going to be the death of me. This is 1970’s-CGI! I genuinely don’t understand why they’re so bad. A low budget is no excuse, my brother has a standard no-frills computer but could do a much better job.
I’ve never know any traditional Chinese mythology that associates spirits powers with the phases of the moon. This is werewolf lore getting mixed in because they can’t find a better reason, taking points again. And yes god that CGI, I can make my Minecraft game look better >_>.
Not commenting on the CGI, else I’ll start a vicious rant. =_=++ I was thinking that they might’ve mixed up some werewolf stories of the west too. I’m not quite sure about full moon, but I think there was something about new moon in folklores and legends, sth about the power of Yin being the strongest there?? Maybe it’s something similar with the full moon…

Back at the Weng Mansion Changting and Pupu warily stand on guard, waiting for the wolf husband to appear. Dun, dun, dun. 
Dum di da da DAAAAAaaaaa….


Well, I’m not going to lie, broody, sexy Pupu made my heart flutter more than once this episode. Seriously, Kaikai knows how to work that smoulder to the detriment of ovaries everywhere! And that magic dance. Jeepers. That was really beautifully filmed and so graceful. I’m really happy that Changting was finally able to get Pupu to confess that he does have feelings for her. I totally get why he’s resisting, but at the same time, Changting is so obviously good and wants the best for those around her, that I wish Pupu would thaw a little faster. I did think it was hilarious that the offer of marriage to Changting was the catalyst he needed to help her family. Haha. But I also agree with Joyce that he lost points for that. Why did he listen to Papa Weng and not Changting? He soooooo badly wants to marry Changting, but he is soooooooo in denial. It’s frustrating, but also cute and hilarious to watch. 
He’s so close. So close. He smiled. And he hugged her! I love that this whole episode was about him protecting her, but the whole time he was doing that, he was denying everything. You’re such a dork, Pupu!
I’m glad he finally got out of that endless loop of denial, but I agree he looked cute being all broody and recalcitrant. Agree that the combined magic bit was hot (even if I still don’t understand what a force field around you does for demon catching).
Lol Joyce, you’re being too logical, you’re supposed to be sucked in by the moment by orders of the director/screen writer. XD Tsundere-Pupu makes me both want to cuddle him and grab his shoulders to shake him viciously. More paired magic practices plss!! 233

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