Fan Art Friday [20160318]

Hello everyone~!!! Welcome to another Fan Art Friday. This week is another mix of fun drawings, art pieces, stickers, and cuteness. Remember, please always feel free to submit your own fan art to share here with everyone on Wang Kai International. Our cute little lion Kai Kai sticker above is done by Clear_罐装雪碧 who always has such super cute Kai Kai drawings.

I wanted to start out with this lovely piece of Jingyan in the snow by RoarofAntigone followed by this gorgeous piece by DAN_亶 of another one of Prince Jing in the snow. The red juxtaposed on the snow is just really lovely.

And now for some silly cuteness from 森熙娜520. I always love edits like this of Kai Kai’s face because he has such an expressive face. It’s perfect for doing emoji/emoticon style stickers. Seriously, aren’t these just so adorable?!

The cuteness!!! It’s almost too much!!! haha. Another round of funny and cute comes from some Zootopia craziness (it’s a super great movie if you haven’t see it). For those of you who don’t know, Wang Kai does have a nickname (which he doesn’t really seem to use, as he prefers Wang Kai or Kai Kai), and the nickname is “Nick”. The fox’s name in Zootopia is Nick, so there have been several Nick-Wang Kai fan edits on Weibo recently. These are some of my favourites.

宫宝一丁 showed scenes and interactions between Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En, his co-star for the drama, Stay With Me, that he’s currently filming, alongside similar scenes from Zootopia. Cute~

今天中午吃什么呢KK did another crossover, and did a fun gif edit between Kai Kai’s drama, Foxes of Azure Hills, and Zootopia. Haha. Oh that left shoulder of Kai Kai’s, it seems that’s the shoulder that always gets injured and the only shoulder we ever seem to see 😉 haha

And then this fun set of Nick and Kai Kai emojis from -RR0626 that just cracks me up! 

And speaking of emojis…I just had to share this lovely gif from 十三點半的kings of Kai Kai being adorkable. You know, just because

Okay, back to some fan art. Earlier this week, Sohu Fashion did a photoshoot for Fendi with Wang Kai in bright yellow (and Liu Tao among others). 王凯影迷会iwangkai shared a few photos from the shoot on Weibo as well.

-RR0626 then made these super adorable sticker fan art pieces ❤ so cute!
But one of my favourite things had to be the traffic light comparisons. The following was shared by the Nanning Special Forces Weibo account.

Translation by Joyce:

Obey traffic signals, travel safely and in a civilized manner. 
Warm hearted netizen Mr Wang soul likes to remind you.
Stop at red, go at green, wait at yellow.

And here to end off the post is a gif from 今天中午吃什么呢KK that tends to make me giggle. It’s a Kai Kai wink compilation gif. Hee hee. Oh Wang Fei, you certainly know how to gif awesomely~

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