Wang Kai “got volunteered” to be Safety Ambassador

Yes, remember how the police love Kaikai? They express their love by making Kaikai their “Safety Ambassador” (hahahaha) and now the fire brigades are joining in as well.

Note: there are spoilers for “The Disguiser” ep 38 in this post.

Kai Boom

So a few days ago Sichuan Bazhong Fire Brigade (四川巴中消防) made a post regarding the need to learn fire prevention and self help techniques in case of a fire and yes, they stuck a picture of Kaikai in the post (hahahaha). 
When there is a fire, surrounded by poisonous gases and fierce flames, many people died but there are people who escaped death and survived, sparing themselves from disaster. “There are only hopeless people, never a hopeless situation, @王凯kkw” When faced with thick rolling smoke and raging flames stay calm and utilize self help skills to escape, hence, learning some self-help skills to handle fires is very important. In case of a fire it can help you survive!
*Nods* This is very important and we all aught to learn some basic skills or at least pick up some general knowledge around this topic. 
Best response to the above post:

Uncle Firemen, I want to report that this fire was actually lit by my Brother Ah Cheng himself!
Wang Kai of Dezhou (aka De Zhou Canal Branch Police Department) not to be outdone made a fantastic post a few days later regarding safety precautions with the help of “warm hearted netizen Mr Wang” (热心网友王先生) – Kaikai’s new nick name from the police hahaha. The post details is in a it’s actually a very informative piece on dust explosions. The original post can be found here
If you thought the explosion in episode 38 of “The Disguiser” was an exaggeration or you can’t figure out what the hell happened I highly suggest reading this Wikipedia article or that long picture posted by Wang Kai of Dezhou here.
#Wang Kai teaches you how to do safety precautions##Educate through fun and spreading positive energy# [Caution! Beware of dust explosion sources around you] In the TV drama “The Disguiser”, Ming Cheng exploded a flour factory in order to destroy evidences. However he one did not use explosives, two did not use oil and three did not use gas, but used only flour to cause the explosion, what scientific principle is this based on? Today allow Mr Canal me, to popularize some information for everyone. Thank you warm hearted Mr Wang for making an appearance again!
Of course this was not the end of getting volunteered to be safety ambassador (no of course not, the police love him too much). Since it’s spring and people want to go out and do BBQ (barbecue) so Ma’anshan Police Online made a post about BBQ safety (hahahaha, courtesy of netizen Mr Wang).
#Wang Kai teaches you safety precautions# [Do Not Neglect Fire Prevention when doing BBQ while on Spring hikes] Don’t choose BBQ spots where there is a lot of vegetation, or places where there are lots of flammable material like dried leaves. You should clear out the spot for the fire to prevent BBQ fires causing bush fires; Don’t choose caves or similar enclosed areas to prevent against carbon-monoxide poisoning. Somewhere close to a water source is best, it makes it easier to get water and will be easier to get water in case of a fire. Thank you for making an appearance warm hearted netizen #王凯kkw# <3
Listen to Brother Lil’Ma and you cannot go wrong!

Remember your local Emergency Numbers

– Australia: 000 <<— All emergency (police, fire, ambulance…) is triple zero, this makes sense!!!

– China: Police: 110, Fire: 119, Ambulance: 120

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