Where to Watch 北平无战事 [All Quiet in Peking] with English Subtitles

For those of you who have been curious about watching Wang Kai’s performance in the critically acclaimed, All Quiet in Peking, but you haven’t been able to find it with English subtitles, well we have good news for you! 优优独播剧场 [YoYo Television] has uploaded an English subbed version online on YouTube! So not only is it an official version, in HD, but it also has English subtitles.

Wang Kai has received a lot of praise for his acting in All Quiet in Peking, and many veteran actors were impressed that he held his own among some really big names in Chinese acting. Not only that, but he delivered an excellent performance as Fang Mengwei.

So if you would like to watch this drama, follow this video link to episode 1, or watch from the episode playlist embedded below. And note, we didn’t do this subbing, we just found the videos 🙂
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4fldaCwKcU?list=PLvpAVnYN4lb0CxkIjkJFH724iXAw6fplZ]
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