Interview with Beijing’s Global Times

It has been very hard to keep this interview news on the DL all week. WKI members and a few fans knew, but I wasn’t supposed to tell most people. So it with much excitement (and also a healthy dose of freaking out) that I announce that Beijing’s Global Times invited me to do an interview about being a fan of Wang Kai.

When the reporter first messaged me about doing this interview, I might have thought I was in an alternate dimension. She emailed me some questions and we messaged back and forth during the week. She also asked us to collect some videos with greetings to Kai Kai of fans and some WKI members. So yeah, I could never have dreamed of this opportunity.

So yup. Here is a link to the article (the article is in English). And I’ve the embedded the video below. Let me know if it won’t play for you and I can see if we are allowed to reupload it to YouTube.

Okay! We now have official links to view the video on YouTube, Youku, and bilibili if the Weibo one doesn’t work!!!

Here is the YouTube one embedded here as well.


p.s. I mentioned so much more about the WKI team members etc. (and other stuff too). If you want, I am happy to release the full interview answers I gave (and where I talked the members up too) because our Wang Kai International team is pretty much the most awesome group of people ever. And folks, I’m pretty sure that Wang Kai now knows that we exist. *runs away and hides* Eep!

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