Announcing the Kai Kai’s Chinese-English Glossary

Hello Jing Wang Fei (though more about that later if you have no idea what we’re talking about), have you been wondering about how Kai Kai’s fans chat about him in Chinese? Do you want to learn some Chinese words and phrases? Well, our WKI team is putting together a Chinese-English glossary for you to do just that!

Obviously this list is only just starting out right now and we will add to it as we go along, but you can check it out here: Kai Kai’s Chinese-English Glossary. You will also find it on the sidebar right below the social media links.

If you also have a word or phrase you would like to add to the list, add it here in the comments below or in the comments section for the glossary. We hope you enjoy and like this project! Let’s learn Chinese for Kai Kai!

p.s. You can check out the new glossary to find out more about Jing Wang Fei.

Photo credit: Baidu

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