Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160217]

Translated by: Joyce 
Edited by: Eleanor

It looks like Kai Kai wasn’t able to get a mid-afternoon nap today judging from his latest Weibo post a couple of hours ago.

“Wanted to drink afternoon tea, sit in the sun for a bit and have a lazy afternoon nap…”Kai-ge*, gotta change for the next scene”, Ai, [they] won’t even allow me to dream for a bit T_T.”

*ge means “older brother” in Chinese, and is often used among friends or family or those close to a person; or it can be used to show respect to a man you look up to. It can mean someone older in age, but also has a sense of seniority/better ability (not necessarily derived from age).

And here’s the other photo he shared in the post. At least the sky looks lovely where ever he’s filming right now.

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