Wang Kai Weibo Post [20160214]

Translated by: Joyce

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and we wanted to share with you what Kai Kai posted. He is so adorkable. And of course I love him for it.

“The last two days have been so hot that I’m like a dog [a term to say you’re completely beat]. Today suddenly the temperature dropped maybe because the heavens are giving up single-dogs [people who are still single and desperately want to hook up] a favor. Think about it, if it’s hot who’d want to get close to each other? But once it gets cold people will ask for hugs, for warmth, once you hug things will get sorted. #things only single people have the time to think about#”

And here is some super cute Valentine’s Day fan art that @Clear_罐装雪碧 posted. She does some super adorable fan art and is one of my favourites on Weibo to follow. If you’re on Weibo, you should definitely look her up.

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