Wang Kai Weibo Posts Translation [2015-2-20] & [2014-8-18]

Translated by: Emily

Edited by: Eleanor

I recently made a Sina Weibo account so that I could catch all the latest bits of news about Wang Kai. It’s super fun! While I was browsing through his past posts and photos, I found these super adorable ones with his nephew. I pretty much died of cuteness and I wanted to share these with you in case you don’t have Weibo. We are also going to make sure to translate Kai Kai’s Weibo posts in the future, so you can get all the news from his account as well!

First let’s all revel in the adorableness here before we even get to translating! It’s so obvious that Kai Kai loves being an uncle. I had a lovely chat on Facebook today with a Kai Kai fan, (if you want me to share your name, I can totally add it to the post) and they let me know that Kai Kai and his sister are really close and that the baby was due around Kai Kai’s birthday and so she had the baby on Kai Kai’s birthday! So they even share a birthday. His nephew’s nickname is “Dou Dou” (豆豆)which means “little bean”. *dies of cuteness all over again*

Look at all that joy and happiness! I am a total sucker for men holding babies and these photos just made me fall in love with Kai Kai all over again. Seriously. It’s almost too much. JK.

Here is the Weibo post and then the translation below. (Thank you Emily for the translation❤)

New Year’s greeting to you all from me and my little nephew, Doudou 豆豆!”

And because this is about Kai Kai and his adorable nephew, we are also including the post from when he was born! Here are the photos from that Weibo post. So much joy and love! My eyes are shooting out hearts right now!

And the Weibo post with the translation below.

2014.08.18 08:50; China, Wuhan; male; 8 pounds; nickname: Doudou 豆豆; I became an uncle today! My baby nephew is born on the same day as my birthday, I’m so happy that another little lion [referring to the horoscope Leo] is joining the family! “Doudou, uncle wishes that you will grow up happily and healthily!” it has been a long and tiresome day for my sister, but I believe that when you get to see Doudou, all of the pain and struggles will feel like they’re so much worth it. Rest well, take care and recover soon!”

Well I am sure we are now all melting in puddles of goo at all the love, happiness, and cuteness. So much cute! So much! Now I love Kai Kai even more. I didn’t even know that was possible.

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