Christmas Love Confessions to Kai Kai

Recently some students in China studying Ancient Chinese characters, wrote Kai Kai love letters (here’s a post about it if you want to read more). As perhaps only very few of us can write using Ancient Chinese characters, we have another idea for some love letters and confessions we can write to Kai Kai as well.

Kakashi from The Problematic of the Unproblematic, recently interview me (Eleanor) and asked some questions about the website and Kai Kai. The post was shared on Weibo and some fans translated it into Chinese (and it was super popular). They were impressed that we as non-Chinese and Chinese international fans also love Kai Kai so much! Some of the questions and my gushing was definitely bit of a love confession to Kai Kai. For example, here’s an interview question and once of my answers. (Be sure to check out the whole interview sometime)

Q: What do you love about Kai Kai? You’re not allowed to say “everything” 🙂
A: Haha. That’s mean! I do love everything! I don’t remember when it was, but at some point while watching Nirvana in Fire, all of a sudden, I just wanted to meet Wang Kai and get to know him. I think it was the regal sense of gravitas he brought to the role of Prince Jing that attracted me. He was serious and upright, which to me is very attractive. And his voice. It is like pure heaven. Of course he is very handsome in general, but his voice is just amazing. And I really love the bone structure in his face. But really more than all that, I like his honesty and directness. As I’ve followed some of his interviews or heard about things that he speaks up about, I am impressed that he is direct, forthright, and honest. He also seems like he has a really playful and adorable side, and I really love that too. You really get to see that side a lot more in his role as Ming Ah Cheng in The Disguiser. Ah! He’s so good in that! I don’t know how he does it, but he’s like super sexy, funny, can sing well, has a gorgeous voice, seems like a really decent and honest person, and is also completely adorable. He’s like the perfect package. 

And we want to give YOU the chance to do the same. In the comments section below, we would love for you to answer these questions (for sure answer the first one and then a couple of others you would like to) and then we will draft a post with your answers and share it on Weibo for his Chinese fans (and hopefully also Kai Kai himself) to see as sort of a Christmas present. And we have many fans wanting to help out with translation, so there’s a possibility we can translate them into Chinese as well! We hope you like this idea!!! Even if you don’t culturally or religiously celebrate Christmas, please comment as well. It can also be a New Year’s wish and confession to him!

Questions for your Christmas/New Year’s love confessions to Kai Kai.

  • Why do you love Kai Kai? (And you can’t say everything)
  • How did you first get to know about him? Or why did you first fall for him?
  • What is your favourite thing about Kai Kai?
  • What is a role that you would like to see him play?
  • Where are you from? (wouldn’t it be nice for him to do a world tour fan meet)
  • What is your Christmas/New Year’s wish to Kai Kai?

So please comment below by the 20th of December and share your Christmas or New Year’s love confession to Kai Kai!!! And if you have any questions about how to comment using DISQUS, you can check out this FAQ page we made for commenting help (you don’t need to have a DISQUS account). And please don’t worry about your English ability if you aren’t a native English speaker. We would just love for you to comment and share your love for Wang Kai! So please don’t be shy! And imagine him reading it and smiling.

Photo source: 1 (I will post this full pictorial post later)

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