The new rising Road of Internet + Medical Care

Release time:2021-01-29

At present, the internet medical industry is growing rapidly in China and the market is in the start-up phase. Market participants are accelerating the market development process in a diversified way, making the mobile medical segment develop dramatically. In recent years, new forms of medical services have emerged constantly. As one of the prominent ones, "Internet + Medical Care" has been continuously explored in such aspects as appointment and registration, remote diagnosis and treatment, scientific research and education, consultation services, medical guidance, and health management. At the present stage, based on network, communication, cloud computing, and other technologies, internet hospital publicize and promote their functional services through online networks. It is a kind of real hospital as strong support. Online medical care function provides a new medical service model for patients.

In the future, internet medical development trends will promote a new medical experience!

Under the overall strategic guidance of China, it is expected that 5G technology will be widely used in the medical field, firmly promoting the pace of "Internet +Medical Care" and bringing a revolution to the medical field. As a new type of medical and health service, it takes the internet as the carrier and medical resources as means, conventional medical care as a characteristic, representing the new direction of the development of the medical industry.

"Internet + Medical Care" will take full advantage of information technology, shaping a new and convenient diversified medical service with "online appointment, medical guidance, full self-service payment, online re-visit, drug delivery and one-stop procedure", which will combine traditional medical treatment with new internet technology.

In the future, with the continuous introduction of internet hospitals across the country and the continuous integration of 5G, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, internet medical services will be more diversified to cover more people through big data. People's awareness of the concept of health will continue to increase.

Therefore, personalized, high-quality, specialization and informatization will become the new requirement of medical services in the future. Medical services targeted at health management, rehabilitation nursing, maternal and child health, elderly health, family doctor and other consumer attributes will become a new driving force for internet hospital service demand in the future.

So, how can the operation of the current internet hospital satisfy more people?

In terms of traditional medical service, "difficult" and "expensive" become the characteristics of medical service, the phenomenon of "seeking famous hospitals and doctors" is more common, resulting in overcrowded patients in large hospitals, few patients in small hospitals, the big ones are tired and the small ones starve. In the face of various signs, resulting in a biased concept of medical service has seriously affected the people's "happiness index".

Therefore, it's necessary to establish convenient services covering the medical service to make it more convenient for patients to find, optimize the process, and improve the non-medical service capability of hospitals. It includes online consultations, special columns, medical answers, health education, health management, family doctor, and so on services.

The establishment of traditional brands makes medical brands' dissemination mode is based on patients' trust and satisfaction with medical service mainly through word-of-mouth, which is too short of promotion ways to enhance brand awareness. At present, with the new rising of "Internet + Medical Care", by integrating good hospital resources, creating hospital special specialty column service and through new media platform, providing accurate communication channels and accurate promotion to meet the needs of patients, to enhance the influence of medical brand more quickly.

To activate the internet hospital, what are the directions we need to breakthrough?

The essence of "Internet + Medical Care" is an extension of real medical service. Therefore, relying on the nature and core competitiveness of real medical institutions determines the development path of internet hospitals. With a solid medical academic foundation and the influence of specialized talents, it can provide professional authoritative, and data-strong medical information services.

In the whole internet hospital service ecosystem, a multi-level, multi-category, and multi-stage comprehensive system combined with standardization, refinement, and high efficiency, create a high-quality medical experience for patients and intergrades high-quality medical resources.

To sum up, the public's medical needs are divided into five stages: let patients know, let patients remember, let patients think of, and let patients trust, and it needs to occupy the minds of patients step by step, build health-centered medical service system, and build a complete internet medical service platform.

Internet medical service provider

Since the emergence of "Internet + Medical Care", internet medical operating service providers aim to provide patients with more convenient medical services with the help of internet technology. After years of enterprise development, many companies have emerged in the internet medical industry, such as Ali Health, Good Doctor, Dingxiang Good Doctor, Ping An Health, etc., and the author has also evaluated them from multiple dimensions to sort out relevant outstanding companies.

Next, different business models of internet medical companies are distinguished according to their operational functions, such as doctor-patient communication platform, doctor operation, patients operation, and medical e-commerce.

According to the different operational priorities of various media platforms, iHu120 has reached long-term cooperation with several platforms, established MCN institutions, and helped medical institutions solve the exposure problems of online science popularization platforms, to improve the interaction and satisfaction with patient services. To provide more convenient and accurate communication channels for internet medical service, and improve the brand influence of the hospital more quickly.