Exchange with Jiangsu Technical Transfer (Changzhou University) Research Institute

Release time:2021-10-30

On October 28th, General Manager Chen Qiaoling went to Jiangsu Province Technology Transfer (Changzhou University) Research Institute and Research Institute, Song Guoqiang, and Vice President Yao Juan on the construction of graduate internship platforms.

Exchange with Jiangsu Technical Transfer (Changzhou University) Research Institute(圖1)

At the Exchange Club, the Song Guoqiang, introduced the development history of Changzhou University and the achievements made by talent training. He said Changzhou University is actively working with enterprises to interrupted talents and jointly build professional disciplines joint training model. I hope that both school enterprises can play their respective resources, realize school-enterprise cooperation, mutual assistance, and develop together.

General Manager Chen Qiailing introduced the overall development of Changzhou First Medical Technology Co., Ltd., put forward the demand for talents on technical development and product implementation, hoping to carry out relevant majors such as biomedical, electronic engineering, computer, microelectronics, etc. Talent cooperation.

On the meeting, we have conducted a deep discussion around the school-enterprise cooperation, establishing a graduate internship platform, and reached a preliminary cooperative consensus.

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